Pre Nursery

Pre Nursery


Buy Educational Kits for Pre Nursery Kids at SparkleBox

Young children are best taught by incorporating elements of playfulness. And, since children’s curiosity is at peak in these formative years, learning kits are the perfect way to introduce conceptual learning to both ignite their imagination and help them understand every concept thoroughly. When you choose the right activity for pre nursery class, your toddler can learn and play at the same time.

At SparkleBox, our endeavor is to bring to you a host of English activities for pre nursery along with those for Math, Science and other subjects like art and craft. By making your child interact with engaging projects and pre nursery activity sheets, you can enhance their learning curve, that will look like play to them and complete learning for you.  

Speed Up Your Child’s Learning with Pre Nursery Activities at Home

Give your child the perfect chance to learn all the necessary lessons of school with our pre nursery activities at home. With these activities and projects your child will always have something to do in their free time and learn at the same time.As proven by many reports, Art and Craft for pre nursery is crucial for growing the mental and cognitive capabilities of young children. Also, a child’s major mental development happens during early years, which means with a suitable pre nursery educational kit, you can help your child to get their edge over others, in those early years. 

Easy to Set Up Activities for Pre Nursery

Every Literacy kit for pre nursery kids comes with an explainer video that can be watched just by scanning a QR code. Buy Educational kits for pre nursery kids at SparkleBox and let your child learn in a lively manner that they will always look forward to. Developed by a team of IIT and IIM alumni, our activities for pre nursery have been mapped to school lessons covered in CBSE, ICSE and state board syllabus.

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