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Great for keeping your child away from the time consuming phone screens, educational kits for nursery kids can not only help them spend time in a productive manner but also keep them engaged. Choose a nursery learning kit from our collection to make your child have fun and help them develop fine motor skills.

SparkleBox provides you with the best subject specific kits for nursery children, including the perfect Math activity kit for nursery and those for English, Phonetics and Literacy. These nursery educational activities have been conceptualized and developed by IIT and IIM alumni. Featuring QR code enabled video explainers, each of these kits and English activity kit for nursery is perfect for every inquisitive child. 


Find the best nursery Maths activities as well kits for Science, Art and Craft at SparkleBox for keeping your child busy and simultaneously boosting their imagination and creativity. Improve time management skills and the attention span of your child with a suitable English activity for nursery from our collection. With Maths activity for nursery class, your child can learn mathematics visually and develop a positive relationship with this important subject.  

One of the best advantages of choosing an activity for nursery class at home is that this hands-on learning approach always keeps the child interested and helps them learn effortlessly. Choose English activity for nursery class from our range for improving your child’s vocabulary and conceptual understanding of language. These nursery activities for kids are mapped to lessons covered in the CBSE, ICSE and state board curriculum. Get the perfect activity for nursery class from our vast collection. Come and explore the best of nursery Art and Craft activities along with English, Science and Numeracy kits for your child to make them learn in the best possible way.

Video: Nursery Math kit unboxing video | Visual2e Math 2020

A child can do a lot of stuff and playing that counts in nursery activities but all of them are mostly for entertainment purposes if you want your nursery going kid to play and learn at the same time and start developing cognitive skills SparkleBox’s educational toys and subject kits are the suitable toys for you to gift your kid.

Parents think their kids are small and will learn with time, but these are the essential years of a kid, and being involved in nursery learning alone won’t bring them any good. In fact, SparkleBox’s educational toys and art and crafts kit will help them grow cognitive skills and help them develop a broader perspective with constructive ideas and productivity.

Cognitive skills, productivity, and creativity are some of the aspects parents should take care of while their kids are in the nursery if you search for a single activity for nursery class kids. In that case, SparkleBox’s arts and crafts kit is the answer to your search, and it will build all these three aspects in your kid effectively from a young age with concept building methods and a practical approach.

Though nursery is like the first step towards education apart from what the school teaches the kid, you as a parent can train your kids at home with nursery learning activity and experiments that come with SparkleBox’s educational toys and subject kits for maths, science, English, arts and crafts and many other core subjects preparing your kid to stand out in his or her classroom.

SparkleBox’s educational toy with nursery activities for kids is the right choice for your kid’s entertainment. Still, the best part about it is that it fulfils the entertainment factor and is actually an educational toy with concept building activities and experiments for different subjects like science, English, maths, arts and crafts, and so on.

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