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Grade K2

K2 Educational Kits for Kids


Kindergarten (K2) Learning Kits - Best Way to Let Your Child Learn

Let your kindergartners enjoy the edge of new learning over the passé. Make them early learners with several kindergarten educational activities and learning kits. Open them a world of learning that is not only fun and interesting but very engaging too.

Kindergarten Educational Activities to Liven Up Learning

It’s time you turn the tables. Get them to love learning at a very young age with SparkleBox’s kit for English, Literacy, Math, Science, Art & Craft for Kindergarten students. Now you won’t be running after them to study; but be ready to be chased by your little one for learning. So why the wait? Buy a Kindergarten educational kit online for K2 graders today!

Art and Craft for Kindergarten to Boost All Round Development

It is indeed very difficult to get a K2 grader to sit and study. We understand. This is their age to play and have fun! But wait, learning is made as fun as playing with SparkleBox! Numeracy is not the boring numeracy where they go writing al. numerous times. But it is now a way to realise the values of 1, 2, 3… with a Math kit for Kindergarten students. And literacy? Well, that’s more about familiarizing sounds and vowels together, associating words to their meanings and many more interesting things. Art and Craft are not only restricted to colouring within the borders, rather it’s about creating interesting things.

SparkleBox Kindergarten learning kits take a creative way to make activities and experiments easy and fun. It also focuses on building strong hand-eye coordination, balance, confidence, learning cause and effect and many more things that would make them curious about learning and rather involve them in the process of learning. The Literacy activities for Kindergarten, the Science activities for Kindergarten, and the Math activities for Kindergarten students are made separately to stimulate understanding pertaining to each of the specific subjects. The idea of SparkleBox is to make learning so fun, that they rather choose learning in their free time than playing. Because in the end, learning is playing with SparkleBox. And with Kindergarten learning kits and Kindergarten activities online, you can help your child learn the most from the box.

So get buying the Educational activities and experiment kits by SparkleBox NOWWW!

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