Grade 8 | Science Kit | 28 Experiments

Grade 8 | Science Kit | 28 Experiments

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Grade - 8 | Science Course | 10 Sessions

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  • INCLUDES 28 CREATIVE EXPERIMENTS For STEM Learning | AGE: 12 years and above.
  • ACADEMIC INTEGRATION: Grade & Concept wise Mapped Activities for CBSE, ICSE & State Board. The Kit comes with a QR code feature for experiment wise video explanation which helps the students to understand the concepts.
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Science Exploration, Cognitive Development, Creativity & Imagination, Observation Skills, Fine Motor, Hand-Eye Coordination, Logical Reasoning
  • BRAINCHILD: Ideated & conceptualized by the Alumni of IIT and IIMs
  • SCREEN TIME REDUCTION/PRODUCTIVE LEARNING: Min 25+ Experiments & Activities to stay engaged in learning productivity. Trusted by 50000+ Parents across Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Hyd & Chennai.


Description: Discovery Station Grade 8 has activities related to concepts of force & pressure, factors affecting friction. sound and its properties. combustion & its effects, classification of materials as metals & non-metals, fermentation process, light, and its applications, and chemical effects of electricity & its applications.

  • Age group- 13 plus years kids
  • Number of activities-28
  • Size of the box- 35mm x 270mm x 80 mm
  • Working Models to understand scientific concepts practically
  • Explore multiple iterations for a comprehensive understanding
  • We focus on strengthening and laying a strong foundation for basic scientific concepts like force, combustion, Pressure, Sound & Friction.
 * * *Activities & Experiments* * *(1)Air is essential for burning

(2)Angle of incidence and reflection

(3)Chemical effect of a current

(4)Conductor and insulator test

(5)Demonstrating friction

(6)DIY Projector

(7)Electroplating Process

(8)Fermentation process

(9)Formation of image

(10)Friction using different lubricants

(11)Glowing a bulb and how to switch

(12)Magnetic lines

(13)Making a Kaleidoscope

(14)Multiple images using the mirror

(15)Nature off rust

(16)Persistence of vision

(17)To show atmospheric pressure

(18)Toy telephone

(19)Zinc reacts with hot water

(20)Burning of magnesium ribbon

(21)Human Ear

(22)Magnetic effect of current

(23)Charged particle in matter

(24)Day and night formation

(25)Germination of seeds


(27)Dispersion of light

(28)Convergent and divergent rays

Image Formed by a Convex Mirror

Angle of Incidence


Conductors And Insulators

How Does a Human Ear Works?

Formation Of Day And Night

How To Make A DIY Kaleidoscope

Magnetic Effect Of Electric Current

Formation Of Images

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