Grade 8 | Math Kit | 29 Activities

Grade 8 | Math Kit | 29 Activities

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  • SKILL SETS: Algebraic identities, Polynomials, Factorisation, Surface area, Properties of solids, Quadrilaterals.
  • MAKES THE CHILD MORE ACTIVE: This kit encourages intellectual curiosity and stimulates a child’s mind through activities using a hands-on visual approach to learn the complex concepts of mathematics.
  • INCREASES ATTENTION SPAN: Each activity is a combination of reading, comprehending & then application of the understanding. This helps to improve the attention span of the child.
  • BUILDS MOTOR SKILLS: The overall concepts and activities need tremendous coordination between various parts of the brain. This further develops the cognitive skills along with the motor skills of the child i.e ability of the child to make movements with the clarity of the objectivity
  • SCREEN TIME REDUCTION/PRODUCTIVE LEARNING: Experiments & Activities to stay engaged in learning productivity. Trusted by 50000+ Parents across Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Hyd & Chennai.
  • BRAINCHILD: Ideated & conceptualized by the Alumni of IIT and IIMs
  • This kit will assure parents that their child is learning math is the best and fun way possible via games and activities. These games and activities are ideals for playing individually and with friends
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Math Learning Kit for Grade 8 provides an excellent learning opportunity to understand the concepts of the subject. The kit contains 1 Detailed Manual with Concept wise Outcomes and Instructions for Each Activity. Each Concept is supported by a QR Code to understand with the help of a video explanation.

  • Area of trapezium using parallelogram kit
  • Properties of parallelogram
  • Angle sum property and exterior angle
  • Area of circle
  • Surface area and properties of solids using surface area kit
  • Pythagoras theorem using the Pythagorean kit
  • Angles and types of angles using geometry kit
  • Lines and angles using geometry kit
  • Triangles and types of triangles using geometry kit
  • Properties of quadrilaterals
  • Playbook Template – Number of the day (application of operations on numbers)
  • Playbook Template – A-One electronic shop (application of profit, loss, and percentages)
  • Playbook Template – Ride in the city (application of ratio and proportion)
  • Playbook Template – Design your farmhouse (application of the area and perimeter)
  • Playbook Template – Plan your town (application of coordinate geometry)
  • Playbook Template – Probability (application of probability)
  • Game- 40 card mathy

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  • Representation of algebra tiles
  • Finding the value of a variable using algebra tiles
  • Balancing algebraic equations using algebra tiles
  • Addition of polynomials using algebra tiles
  • Subtraction of polynomials using algebra tiles
  • Multiplication of polynomials using algebra tiles
  • Division of polynomials using algebra tiles
  • Algebraic identities using algebra tiles
  • Factorization using algebra tiles
  • Area of a parallelogram using parallelogram kit
  • Area of a triangle using parallelogram kit
  • Area of rhombus using parallelogram kit

Watch the playlist to learn and perform the activities.


  • Constant 30, Square of X & Y -4, X & Y -7, XY-4
  • 1 Set of Parallelogram Kit
  • 1 Set Angel Sum Property Kit
  • 1 Set of Area of Circle Kit
  • 4 Set of Geometry Kit
  • 1 Set of Surface Area Kit
  • 1 Set of Pythagorean Kit
  • 3 Set number and Sign cards
  • 1 item, number of the day template
  • 1 item, A-One electronic shop template
  • 1 item ride in the city template
  • 1 item design your farmhouse template
  • 1 item plan your own template
  • 1 item probability template
  • 10 of each color 1 booklet: 40 Card Mathy Cards, answer booklet & Score Sheet
  • 2 dice and 4 game pieces
  • 1 Market with Eraser

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