Grade 7 | Science Kit | 29 Experiments

Grade 7 | Science Kit | 29 Experiments

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  • INCLUDES 29 CREATIVE EXPERIMENTS For STEM Learning | AGE: 10 years and above.
  • ACADEMIC INTEGRATION: Grade & Concept wise Mapped Activities for CBSE, ICSE & State Board. The Kit comes with a QR code feature for experiment wise video explanation which helps the students to understand the concepts.
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Science Exploration, Cognitive Development, Creativity & Imagination, Observation Skills, Fine Motor, Hand-Eye Coordination, Logical Reasoning
  • BRAINCHILD: Ideated & conceptualized by the Alumni of IIT and IIMs
  • SCREEN TIME REDUCTION/PRODUCTIVE LEARNING: Min 25+ Experiments & Activities to stay engaged in learning productivity. Trusted by 50000+ Parents across Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Hyd & Chennai.
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Dyscovery Station Grade 7 has activities related to concepts of light & its properties of convergence & divergence, heat, separation of substances, how to test for acidity and/or alkalinity, chemical effects of electricity, laws that govern the motion of objects, air, and its properties and electromagnetism.

  • Age group- 10 plus years kids
  • Number of activities-29
  • Size of the box- 35mm x 270mm x 80 mm
  • Working Models to understand scientific concepts practically
  • Explore multiple iterations for a comprehensive understanding
  • We focus on strengthening and laying a strong foundation for basic scientific concepts like physical & chemical changes, light, heat, etc
* * *ACTIVITIES AND EXPERIMENTS* * *1. Filtration process

2. Steady hand electric game

3. Newton’s Disc

4. Formation of Carbon dioxide

5. Hot air rises up

6. Burning of magnesium

7. Red and blue litmus test

8. PH test

9. Turmeric act as a natural

10. Convergence and divergence

11. Electromagnetic Crane

12. Mechanism of breathing

13. Heating of current

14. Conduction in solids

15. Finding directions

16. Magnetic effect of current

17. The image formed by a concave mirror

18. Image formed by a convex mirror

19. Image formed by convex lens

20. Image formed by a concave lens

21. Effect of saliva on starch

22. Human Urinary system

23. Change in color of copper

24. Simple Pendulum

25. Electric torch with switch

26. Teeth Model

27. Reducing Air pressure

28. Absorption of water in the soil

29. DIY Stethoscope Activities & Experiments

The Working of a Compass
Change In Colour Of Copper Sulphate
Newton’s Disc

Blue and Red Litmus Test
The Effect of Saliva on Starch

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  1. Mudit J

    Mudit J (verified owner)

    All Equipment are excellent and it is a very good learning kit for 7th class students and also manual explains everything very clearly to students.

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