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SparkleBox Math Learning Kit for Grade 7 | 24+ Fun Activities | For kids aged 12 and above

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SparkleBox Math Learning Kit for Grade 7 | 24+ Fun Activities | For kids aged 12 and above

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Math Grade 7  Kit

Will help child learn math concepts such as Pythagoras theorem, lines, angles & triangles in geometry, integers and decimals.

Making Pythagoras theorem fun is our superpower! 

These activities are developed to boost the child’s cognitive and motor skills

The foundation of these math concepts using visuals aids and games will definitely lay a strong foundation in your child’s life. 


Math Learning Kit for Grade 7 provides an excellent learning opportunity to understand the concepts of the subject.

Each Concept is supported by a QR Code to understand with the help of a video explanation.


SKILL SETS: Addition & Subtraction of like fractions, Multiplication & Division concepts, Arithmetic operations using currency, Word problem-solving techniques.


Maths 1


Math Educational Toys & Kits to Make Mathematics Your Kid’s Friend

Help Your Child Develop Excellent Math Skills – NURSERY TO GRADE 9


Maths 2


Sparklebox Math Kit is an ideal gift, learning tool and an introductory kit for all basic mathematical concepts.

What should be in a math kit?

A maths kit for kids consists of number sequence, bonds, place value, odd and even numbers with reading, comprehending, and combination skills. Sparklebox’s math kit for children comes with all of this and much more.

How do you make math activities fun?

To make math activities fun for students, parents can involve their kids and explain to them the importance of math activities for kids and how all these applications will help them in the future with a core subject like maths. Sparklebox’s math kit comes with a wide range of play and learning activities to boost up the critical thinking of the children.

How do I make my kids smarter in math?

Old toys are no more fun. If you want your kids to become smarter in maths, introduce them to education kits and math activities for kids. Math activity is important for a kid in the growing years, as we all know how important math is. It is better to start early with Sparklebox’s math activity kits and toys.



Maths 3

Maths 4

Maths 5





Concepts covered in the kit: 

  • Lines and angles using geometry kit
  • Pythagoras theorem using the Pythagorean kit
  • Triangles and types of triangles using geometry kit
  • Angle sum property and exterior angle
  • Integer game using integer chart
  • Area of circle
  • Addition and subtraction of decimals using decimal blocks
  • Multiplication and division of decimals using decimal blocks
  • Representation of algebra tiles
  • Finding the value of the variable using algebra tiles
  • Balancing algebraic equations using algebra tiles
  • Addition of polynomials using algebra tiles
  • Subtraction of polynomials using algebra tiles
  • Area of a parallelogram using parallelogram kit
  • Area of a triangle using parallelogram kit
  • Angles and types of angles using geometry kit
  • Playbook Template – Number of the day (application of operations on numbers)
  • Playbook Template – Word of the day (application of mean, median, and mode)
  • Playbook Template – Collect the carrots (application of distance and measurement)
  • Playbook Template – Design a swimming clubhouse (application of area, volume and perimeter)
  • Playbook Template – Income, expenses, and savings (application of ratio and percentage)
  • Addition and subtraction of integers using integer counters
  • Representation and comparison of decimals using decimal blocks

Materials Included in the kit:

  • 50 integers counters
  • Base 1: 20, Base 10: 20, and Base 100: 5 Decimal Blocks
  • 1 Set Angel sum property Kit
  • Constant 30, Square of X & Y -4, X& Y -7, XY-4: Algebra Tiles
  • 4 Sets of geometry kits
  • 1 Set parallelogram kit
  • 1 Set area of circle kit
  • 1 set Pythagorean kit

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Customer Reviews
4.00 / 5

4 reviews for SparkleBox Math Learning Kit for Grade 7 | 24+ Fun Activities | For kids aged 12 and above

  1. Rajabattula Siva Kumar (verified owner)

    I purchased Visualize Math grade 7 .It’s useful for understanding concept s easily .Demo class helped a lot to my child . Geometrical concept etc tools are nice

  2. 4 out of 5

    Keshav Kumar

    Mixed lessons already my son learned ratio percntage and all when he was in 4th standard but integer game and all new and very nicely my son can practise and understand

  3. 4 out of 5

    Mohan Tushi

    I find the playbook templates more interesting because I am the one who sits with Hemant all the time. We have some 4 experiments left but now i will buy science kit also because he is enjoying this method of learning.

  4. 4 out of 5

    Ayesha Siddeque

    I bought this for my kid who is going to finish his 6th grade. This kit is good to prepare, making the difficult concept clear in advance then when he learns at school, it will become much easy to deal.

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