Grade 7

Grade 7



Getting your children to study is a tedious task, especially for kids this age. All they can think about is playing. So make a smart move, buy grade 7 educational kits online today!


Dragging your child to the study table or reminding them to study for the 102nd time a day, won’t really get them to study! You got to make their boring lessons and concepts fun and easy to understand. Get your hands on the Math kit for grade 7 with lots of fun math activities and make the right move today! Make them fall in love with learning by adding zest of play to it.


There are several factors why playing and learning has a greater impact on the child than just plain learning. When a child is learning through educational toys, they are learning several other skills like problem-solving, learning cause and effect, confidence, coordination and balance, and a lot more. They start building a sense of familiarity with the workings/functions of things. For eg. While using Science Project for grade 7, your child will undergo a process of identifying acids, bases and salts better than from reading textbooks.

Growing up, Science experiments for grade 7 will help them understand concepts better, and will give them an edge over other students who haven’t really invested in practical ways of learning. For example, a Maths project for class 7 and Science activities for class 7, will give them hands-on learning experience with firming up the foundation of the concepts. It’s important they start loving what they are learning because unless they are involved in learning, understanding and comprehending what they learn gets really difficult. Get them to understand the concept, get them to experience it, only then will they be able to learn with curiosity and enthusiasm. With several kits and activities from SparkleBox like Maths, English, Robotics and Science kit for class 7, your child will have a deeper and most detailed understanding of topics and subjects. And while they learn from these educational experiments and activities, you’d be pleasantly surprised to see their hunger to learn more.

Experience the fun side of learning with SparkleBox today!

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Maths is an interesting subject but Sparklebox’s math kit makes it interactive for kids, the subject kit contains many math activities for grade 7. A good educational kit comprises productive games and activities and Sparklebox’s subject kit does the job perfectly when it comes to educating kids in different subjects.

A good science project is something that is not only cool to make but to ensure that it builds the cognitive and creative skills of a student or child. Sparklebox’s science project for class 7 and educational toys helps to make a science model for class 7 students who are working, practical and simplifies the basic science concepts.

Maze solving robots, the aeromodelling DIY kit and model of aircraft, also the gesture control model, all these are good examples of some easy science experiments for class 7 and science kit for class 7 toys. Sparklebox offers a variety of science educational toys for class 7 kids to grow and develop constructive ideas of entertainment and learning.

Managing house budgets, getting into formula competitions, puzzle-solving competitions, all these are good ideas for maths projects for class 7. Sparklebox provides a variety of maths projects for class 7 which builds calculation and combination skills of kids along with personal growth and the importance of maths for the future.

You can bring your kids Sparklebox’s educational kit with robotics for grade 7, it is an exhaustive kit with all the working and practical learning. Specifically talking about a Bluetooth controlled robot is the best example of learning robotics using educational toys and robotics kits. Some many such toys and activities come with a robotics kit which gives a brief idea of robotics and its working to kids.

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