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Grade 6

Grade 6 Educational Kits for Kids


Educational Kits for Grade 6 for Hands-on Learning

In the transitional years, learning can become a daunting task. SparkleBox educational kits for Grade 6 students are here to help bridge the gap. Make studies no more a boring task but a fun activity your child looks forward to. Bring home a SparkleBox and see the difference. Make Math your child’s best friend with interesting Math activities for Class 6. They learn about integers, decimals, angles and more in a simplified and fun way via Math projects for Class 6! Science is no more a stranger with hands-on Science experiments for Class 6. Discover how density, magnets and centrifugation work with this Science kit for Class 6. Let your children explore learning without it being a fearsome task.  

Math Activities for Grade 6 to Make Math Come Alive!

Looking for ways to add to your child’s classroom learning? Get home the SparkleBox Math kit for Grade 6. Suitable for age 9 and above, this kit contains math activities about integers, algebraic equations, geometry and more! All concepts get simplified into numerous fun and interesting activities and a Math worksheet for Grade 6 to review their performance. These Math projects for Grade 6 are completely hands-on with all material provided in the kit. Exceptional for both, children who love math or those struggling with it. These Math activities for Grade 6 make learning Math endless fun!

Experiments for Grade 6 Make Science a Child's Play!

Is your child facing difficulty to understand concepts of Science? Make textbooks come alive with the SparkleBox Science experiments for Grade 6. Perfect for age 9 and above, your child learns about concepts of light, shadows & reflections, separation of substances and so much more with these Science activities for Class 6! They get to make their own pinhole camera, compass, and other exciting projects, all by themselves. Each Science project for Grade 6 is hands-on that requires little to no supervision. All materials are provided in the box itself. When your child makes these Science projects for Class 6, come alive, their learning is for life.
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