Grade 3 | Art and Craft Kit | 19 Activities

Grade 3 | Art and Craft Kit | 19 Activities

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•SKILLS ENHANCED: Develops pincer grip and hand movements, creativity and imagination, patience and builds concentration, understand the texture of the paint, sensory integration, sense of pattern creation, motor skills, and dexterity, eye-hand coordination.

DEFINED OUTCOMES & AGE APPROPRIATE: To understand the expected learning at the end of the chapter.

•INTRODUCTORY MANUAL INTO THE ARTS, MUSIC, AND THEATRE: The QR code is an amazing feature, which opens up the book to have audio and video along with the text. As a teacher, the reader also anyone can easily pick it up and spend their day with it.

•ACTIVITY BASED: To keep students engaged and involved and to show the connection with the real world.



The Sparklebox ‘Visual art and craft book’ for grade 3 is a fun and interesting learning activity book for children of age 6 and above. The book contains 19 fun and engaging activities. The ‘Art and Craft Book’ is a comprehensive guide with an approach towards holistic development. This beautifully illustrated series deals with the learning of the principles and elements of art.

* * *Key Features* * *

  • INTEGRATED CURRICULUM: Multiple activities involving different disciplines of the subject and to build sense of real-life connections.
  • ACTIVITY BASED: Entire learning is mapped with activities to give live experience to the students.
  • DEFINED OUTCOMES: For each chapter, defined outcomes to understand learning at the end.
  • REFLECTIONS: Q&A at the end to evaluate the understanding level of the child.
  • TECH ENABLED: QR Codes to improve engagement and understanding of the concepts.
  • ACTIVITIES INCLUDED: 1.Colours and Expressions 2.Paint like Kandinsky 3.Cubism – Sad 4. My Selfie 5.Happy Scenery 6. Happy Body 7.Mask Making 8.My Secret Book of Expressions 9. Let’s Create 10.Pencil Shading 11.‘Dad’ — My real Hero 12.Super Me 13. Design a Monster 14. Letter Art 15.Monster Bookmark 16.Hero Mask 17.Dragon Puppet 18. Let’s Create 19. Dragon Puppet Template

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