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Grade 3

Grade 3 Educational Kits for Kids


Educational Kits for Grade 3 ensure Screens OFF and Learning ON

SparkleBox has the best educational kits for Grade 3 students. Your search for ways to make your child learn without switching on a device ends here. Unbox fun and learning with activities and experiments about Maths, Science, Art, Robotics and more! 

Gone are the days of just textbook learning. Open a SparkleBox to make your child discover the magic of hands-on learning. Explore activities about Maths, Science and Art and Craft for Grade 3. Make math theorems come alive with our SparkleBox of Maths activity for Grade 3, work on science projects or paint your imagination. Each box is so unique, your child won’t miss playing on your phone!  

After all, doesn’t a child learn better when learning is disguised as fun! Buy these Grade 3 educational kits online and boost your child’s analytical, creative and emotional skills.

Math Kits for Grade 3 - Discover the Magic of Math

It’s time to Visualize Math with SparkleBox Math Kits for Grade 3. Perfect for age 6 and above. This Math tool kit, 3rd Grade consists of several fun and interesting activities about fractions, word-problem solving, currency and more! These Math activities for Grade 3 will keep your child engaged for hours without the use of any device! All materials required for these Math projects for Grade 3 are provided in the kit, all you have to do is some unboxing for fun to unfurl!

3rd Grade Science Kits: Time to Have Fun with Science!

It’s time to introduce your children to the joy of learning Science with SparkleBox Science experiments for Class 3. Suitable for ages 6 and above, this kit comprises many hands-on Science activities for Grade 3 such as forms of matter, the process of germination, energy conversion flywheel and more! Perfect Science projects for Grade 3, get your Dyscovery Station Science Kit by SparkleBox today! These 3rd Grade Science kits will be your child’s friendly companion without the need of a digital device! It also helps them prepare better as these Science experiments for Grade 3 are perfect supplements for classes at school. When it comes to Science, you can depend upon our Science projects for class 3.

Prepare for an Art Attack with Art and Craft Kit for Grade 3

Want to enhance your child’s creativity through art and craft? Look no further! Get your hands on the SparkleBox Art and Craft Kit for Grade 3. The activities are perfect for age 6 and above and develop pincer grip, improve concentration, better hand-eye coordination and more!
Video: Science Starter Kit 1 Age 6 to 9 years

Most parents ask the same question, and the answer to this is the same as well. SparkleBox’s educational toys and subject kits come in a wide range of choices in subjects and interests like maths, science, English, DIY activities, aeromodelling, robotics and more. These kits will help create a good foundation of fundamentals concepts for them.

Bring home an interesting math educational toy and a subject kit filled with great math activities for kids. SparkleBox has some unique math kits for kids of 3rd grade that fill out the gap of fun and entertainment and help them understand basic concepts and applications of the subject from an early age.

Science is a complex subject. Many kids don’t take an interest in it for the same reason. If you are worried about the same with your kids, bring home SparkleBox’s science educational toys and science kits filled with fun science experiments and science activities for kids and start teaching them science in the most exciting way.

You have to make sure that the studies are exciting and fun rather than just learning from books and homework. SparkleBox’s educational toys and subject kits for grade 3 kids will help you to get your kids more productive and induce a problem-solving attitude and cognitive skills and make studies a fun thing to do at home.

There are some fantastic science projects for 3rd graders. The best part about science projects is that they give kids confidence and assure that they have built something on their own. This is very important for students of all ages, whether in 3rd grade or above, as it induces cognitive skills and constructive habits.

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