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Grade 2 Educational Kits for Kids


Buy Grade 2 Educational Kits Online at SparkleBox for All Subjects

To keep the joy of learning alive and boredom at bay, buy Grade 2 educational kits online by SparkleBox. These boxes are packed with fun activities that are big on learning, but bigger on fun! 

Feel your child is inclined towards numbers? Get them the Visualize Math kit for Grade 2 which is full of interesting Math games. If your li’l champ is busy making and breaking things, get their hands on the Dyscovery Station Kit and see them getting lost in Science experiments for Grade 2. Making your child learn English? The Literacy Kit and English Kit will help you encourage your budding Shakespeare! If painting and craft are your child’s best friends, get them the Art and Craft Kit which has exciting art and craft activities for class 2.

Math Kit for Grade 2 to Master Tough Concepts

Is your child facing difficulty with numbers? Make them Visualize it! Presenting SparkleBox Math activities for Grade 2 - Visualize Math! Perfect for ages 5 and above. Numerous hands-on math activities for your child to have fun with these Math activities for Class 2. From counting, skipping, addition and subtraction, these interesting Math projects for Grade 2 are low on boredom and big on fun. Get the Math kit for Grade 2 today. 

With Science Experiments for Grade 2 begin the Science adventure

Discover the fun side of Science with the SparkleBox Science activities for Grade 2 - Dyscovery Station! Endless experiments to familiarise your little one with the marvels of this 2nd Grade Science kit. Perfect for ages 5 and above, build your own parachute, know about friction and much more! The adventure of Science experiments for Grade 2, has just begun!

English Activities for Grade 2 to Explore the English Language

Enhance your child’s spoken and written English with SparkleBox English Activities for Grade 2. From fluent reading, improved vocabulary to better writing skills, your child will fall in love with this language. No screen time required, all materials are available in the kit. So you can sit back and relax while your child enjoys learning.
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After playschool, primary education, like 2nd grade, are important classes. To make sure that your kids do well in it, you can take the help of SparkleBox’s educational toys and subject kits filled with many fun activities and science experiments for 2nd-grade kids. You can start teaching your kids at home with the help of these fantastic educational toys and kits.

You can try SparkleBox’s math educational toys and subject kit for grade 2 kids. These toys and maths kits for kids are specially designed, keeping in mind that students of 2nd grade will be indulging in them. These kits make sure to build a good foundation of basic concepts and math applications in them.

Teaching kids at home can be challenging because kids are always at a comfort level and find ways and excuses for not studying and playing all the time. In such a scenario, a good educational toy or subject kit from SparkleBox can really help you get involved with kids in playing and teaching them simultaneously.

English is a vast language. A 2nd-grade kid must start understanding tense, comparative degrees, prepositions and articles. If you want to teach your kids English at home, you can buy SparkleBox’s English educational toy and English subject kit for kids of 2nd grade. These kits are designed explicitly for 2nd-grade kids.

If you are worried about making maths interesting for second-grade kids, SparkleBox’s maths educational toys and math kit for kids is your one-stop solution. You can get indulged with your kits and introduce them to various math activities for kids that come along with these kits and make sure to entertain and educate your kids at home.

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