Spin Art Machine Kit | For kids of Age 5 years and above

Spin Art Machine Kit | For kids of Age 5 years and above

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INCLUDES CREATIVE EXPERIMENT for STEAM & ART Learning | Amazing learning product inside, AGE: 5 years and above.

IDEAL GIFT FOR AGE 5-14 YEARS: A very brilliant gift idea for your loved ones.

SCREEN TIME REDUCTION/PRODUCTIVE LEARNING: Fun Experiment & Activity to stay engaged in learning productivity.

SKILL SETS: STEAM & ART Exploration, Problem solving, Creativity & Innovation, Observation Skills, Logical Reasoning, Imagination.

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Spin art is an art form that uses paint, a canvas such as glossy cardboard and a spinning platform.
It is primarily used to entertain and expose children to the process of art creation,
but this DIY kit is fun for all age groups.

Spin Art Machine DIY Kit creates fascinating abstract paintings by splattering paint on the spinning turntable. The manual explains how to use the spin art machine and also teaches the science behind rotational physics.  Mesmerizing Artwork Every Time and the fun part is that each piece is completely unique. Each design takes only seconds to make so you can really see how your actions create different results. Learn about centripetal force in a creative and colorful way. It is magical to watch how the paint spins away from the center creating beautiful starbursts and splashes.

The project works on the concept of centripetal force. A centripetal force is a force that makes a body follow a curved path. Its direction is always orthogonal to the motion of the body & towards the fixed point of the instantaneous center of curvature of the path.

List of materials

  1. PVC sheet Die 1
  2. PVC sheet Die 2
  3. XLPE 12mm sheet die 3
  4. Dropper Bottle 5 ML
  6. Double side tape
  7. sketch pen 1 packet
  8. Straw
  9. shaft
  10. pulley wheel
  11. dc motors
  12. 9v battery with cap
  13. Acrylic Colour
  14. paper sheet
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