Grade 1

Grade 1


Activities for Grade 1 to Enhance the Learning Curve of Your Child

When your child sees concepts in motion with educational kits for grade 1, their learning curve grows exponentially. These kits help children to grow their interest in studies as well as impart important lessons which could otherwise be boring for them. For example, a Math kit for grade 1 can help them to learn Math visually and with this gamified approach they will always look forward to learning. Basic 1st grade Science kits that come with video explainers will boost your child’s imagination and creativity.

Hands on Learning with Educational Activities for Grade 1

Explore the best of educational activities for grade 1 at SparkleBox to make your child fall in love with learning. Developed by IIT and IIM alumni, kits with Math activities for grade 1 will always develop a positive relationship with crucial subjects like Math and Science. All of our kits including Maths project for class 1 come with video explainers that can be accessed by scanning a QR code. This means your child will be able to set up the project and learn with all tips available in the manual and videos. Thus by choosing Maths activity for class 1, you can ensure your child will never fear math and improve their scores automatically.

Let Your Child Have Fun and Learn with 1st Grade Activities

With Science activities for grade 1, you can boost your child’s curiosity and help them learn the basic principles of Science with ease.Get them to perfect their language skills with English activities for grade 1 that will help them learn the basics of phonetics and improve their vocabulary. Along with art, craft, science and Math activities for class 1, we provide kits for all subjects that keep children interested in these subjects and speed up their learning in these formative years. Buy 1st grade activity kit at SparkleBox and give them a chance to learn in the best possible manner, i.e. education with entertainment.

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