Walking Robot Kit | For Kids of Age 9 years and above

Walking Robot Kit | For Kids of Age 9 years and above

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INCLUDES CREATIVE EXPERIMENT for STEAM Learning | Amazing learning product inside, AGE: 9 years and above.

IDEAL GIFT FOR AGE 9-14 YEARS: A very brilliant gift idea for your loved ones.

SCREEN TIME REDUCTION/PRODUCTIVE LEARNING: Fun Experiment & Activity to stay engaged in learning productivity.

SKILL SETS: STEAM Exploration, Problem solving, Creativity & Innovation, Observation Skills, Logical Reasoning, Imagination.

VIDEO EXPLANATION: QR code for the activity to learn through Video.

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Introduce your kids to robotics and let them create their own mini robot with the DIY Walking Robot project. This walking robot is a multi-disciplinary STEM toy that helps kids to learn about robotics, mechanics, and biodiversity. The toy educates kids about the principle of converting electrical energy into kinetic energy with batteries and a motor. The robot works on this principle where it converts electric energy from the battery into kinetic energy of the motor. This, in turn, drives the legs of the robot to walk on the surface. This self-building science toy can be assembled from scratch under the supervision of parents in just a few hours and can be played with for as long as the child wants!

STEM education employs the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics to encourage children to evolve their problem solving and critical thinking skills. It is a novel approach towards learning that insists on creativity, inquiry, and innovation.

Dyscovery Station has numerous engaging activities and experiments for children to perform. The kit helps children construct various models to understand the fundamental principle and applications of various science concepts. Learning happens through discovery by performing various iterations using the models.

Watch this Activity Video to learn and perform! List of materials1. PVC Foam cutout

2. foam cut outs

3. battery & holder

4. double sided tape

5. double shaft DC motor

6. pulleys

7. shafts

8. plastic stoppers

9. switch

10. white straw

11. wires

12. sand paper

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