EduSTEM-2 | Ideal for Age 12 years and above

EduSTEM-2 | Ideal for Age 12 years and above

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SKILL SETS: Circuit making, difference between active and passive electronic components, problem-solving ability.

ATTENTION SPAN: Each activity is a combination of building, comprehending & then application of the understanding. This helps to improve the attention span of the child.

IMPROVES LEARNING OUTCOMES: Enhances critical thinking & problem-solving capacity.
SCREEN TIME REDUCTION/PRODUCTIVE LEARNING: Min 10+ Experiments & Activities to stay engaged in learning productivity. Trusted by 50000+ Parents across Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad & Chennai.

BRAINCHILD: Ideated & conceptualized by the Alumni of IIT and IIM.”



“EDU STEM-2 electronics Kit has activities related to Power sources, basic of electricity, different types of power generation and its applications. It contains a manual that explains how to execute the projects step by step with the components included in the kit. This Kit is for children who want to experiment, test, and design circuits and projects on their own. It also contains a circuit designing guide, which actually teaches the child to design his/her own circuits.
Number of activities- 10                                                Size of the box- 295 x 160 x 25 mm                    Hands on Fun learning Activities.

List of Activities and Concepts Covered:
1. Timer Delay
2. Tic-Tic Sound Using 555
3. Electronic Dice
4. Transistor Timer Flasher
5. Transistor As a Touch Switch
6. Musical Bell
7. Mosquito Repellent
8. Traffic Light Control
9. The Fastest Finger First
10 Letter Box
List of Materials:

1. BreadBoard
2. Battery 9 Volts
3. Battery Cap
4. Single Stand wires 10cm cut
5. LED Red,Green,White,Yellow
6. Resistor 100Ω,220Ω,470Ω,4.7K,1K,10K,22K,47K,560K,1M
7. Capacitor 82pF, 330 pF,10nF/0.01µF,100nF/0.1µF,1µF,10µF,100µF,1000µF

8. Timer IC 555
9. LDR –
10.Transistor BC 108/2N2222A,BC 547,BC 548
11. Speaker 8Ω 2W
12. IC 4017
13. Push Buttons 2 pin
14. Mini Piezo Buzzer 5v – 12v
15. IC UM66
16. Diode IN4001,IN4148
17. Variable Resistor 100K

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