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Through Sparklebox, we emphasize the idea of making learning fun, thanks to our educational toys for kids. We cover subjects related to your child’s academic needs, ranging from Math, Science, Literacy, and Robotics to spread across different age groups.

Why Sparklebox?

Sparklebox allows you to order educational toys for 3-12 years old kids online. Our pan India reach ensures smooth ordering of kid's educational toys online. Sparklebox gives exclusive access to a plethora of online learning materials for different types of subjects and concepts.
Sparklebox provides the best educational toys for kids, thanks to not only our pan India reach but also through the exclusive access to online lessons which comes complimentary with our kits and toys. Our kid's educational toys ensure that your child will learn in a fun way and when learning is fun, it never ceases. Our educational toys for toddlers are best in terms of quality and learning standards, thanks to the efforts of alumni from IITs and IIMs who have understood the educational requirements of children spread across different ages and learning levels and have invested a lot of effort in designing our educational kits for kids.

Subjects Available

Our kits and children’s educational toys cater to subjects like Art and Craft, Math, Science, Robotics, and English. They are not only spread across different subjects but are also spread across different age groups and educational requirements.

Thanks to our efforts, learning and teaching technical subjects like Robotics, Math and Science have become interesting and fun, thanks to our Robotics educational toys, Math educational toys, and Science educational toys.

Our approach is not limited to only science, but also to creative subjects that can tap into the creative quotient of your children like English and Art through our English educational toys and Art and Craft toys.

Video: Sedimentation and Decantation | Grade 4 Science Experiment

Educational toys are a must to have, there are some toys common for every kid, they need novelty and interesting toys to play with. Sparklebox’s educational toys for kids play an important role in their growth years not only making them smart but giving them a will to learn and always be curious to know more with fun scientific experiments and interesting activities.

A good environment and the right mindset derives how well the child’s development will be. Children’s educational toys are specifically designed to keep this thing in mind. Every kit contains experiments and activities as per age, grade and interest of a child and hence play a pivotal role in the child development process.

Today kids are growing smart each day, now they want something new each day to play with. In such a scenario old toys can never keep them engaged at the same time. Kids Educational toys are important because they educate and make our kids learn new things and build strong concepts of core subjects like maths and science.

Yes, if you choose the right ones, there are Sparklebox’s educational toys online in India which you can order for your child and you can observe yourself how amazing toys can be when it comes to learning and education. The days for old tiny toys are over, educational toys in India are the real deal you can present your child.

The toys children used to play with 3 or 5 years back are of no use today, if you are talking about intellectual development and want your children to grow with the right knowledge and education Sparklebox has some of the best educational toys for kids online to give a new and interactive learning experience and contribute to their intellectual development.

If you are expecting that your kids will learn from smartphones and tablets you are wrong, all they will learn is how to play games, watch videos and so on but if you want your kids to learn and indulge in an active learning process building strong concepts of core subjects, Sparklebox has educational toys for toddlers filled with fun science experiments and productive activities to help kids learn in a completely different way.

The purpose of educational toys is to redefine the education and learning process in a fun and interactive way. Sparklebox shares the same thought and created educational toys online in India. Kids Educational toys help them understand complex concepts with the help of fun experiments and creative activities, makes learning easy and keeps our kids productive all day long.

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