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Art and craft activities impart crucial motor skills and sharpen the imagination and creativity of young children.Buy art & craft toys and kits online because with the right craft activities for kids, you can introduce them to a wonderful world of colors, shapes and improve their concentration. Choose art activities for kids from our vast range of kits, our art and craft item supplies will help make your child learn about how things work together and teach them about textures, materials and shapes to help them understand how they fit with each other. These playful art kits for kids help in the development of their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.


This is perfect for keeping young children away from phone screens and instead indulging them in creativity. Our Art and Craft kits for boys and girls foster a sense of belonging and bring alive the creative juices of every child. Our range of easy arts and crafts set for kids are great for helping young children to express themselves in a creative manner.All the Art and Craft activities for kids from SparkleBox have video explainers that can be watched by just scanning a QR code. This means, you and your child will not have trouble in setting up the activity.


Arts and crafts kits for kids have been planned in accordance with the curriculum of CBSE, ICSE and state boards. Boost the confidence and creativity of your child with our Art and Craft toys. Explore the best Art projects for kids through our art and craft box to help your child in exploring their creativity and prepare them for exciting career opportunities in art and design. Apart from being a great way to spend free time, Craft kits or drawing kits for kids can also help them to create cool and quirky accessories and toys that you can showcase in your home decor and decorating the kid’s rooms. Find the best Art and Craft kits online in India at SparkleBox and let your child have fun while picking up crucial lessons of creativity.

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Art and crafts influence a kid in a big way, apart from studies it is an important part to be productive, constructive and creative and all these aspects are developed through art and crafts. Every child has a personal interest. If you find your child to be creative, he/she must explore vocations, not only that but it also carves the personality of every child and student for the future.
Every child is special in his/her own way, academics are good but arts and crafts for kids are equally important, it not only gives them a perspective, a hobby or a skill but provides a shape to their overall personality which is very important as they grow up and become adults.

There are many activities apart from studies in which students can indulge and learn at the same time, art and craft activities such as clay modelling, DIY activities, making a small windmill, paper boat, drawing, sketches and block crafts and fun science experiments and much more. All these are part of art and crafts and come with subject kits and SparkleBox’s educational toys.

SparkleBox’s educational toys are the best way to give your child a good introduction to art and craft. An educational toy consists of various DIY activities, fun experiments and applications of art and craft from which children not only play but learn at the same time. Children love to play with such unique toys and it keeps them productive all day.

Start with simple DIY activities but if you are still not getting it right with your child, a good educational toy always comprises easy craft for kids and concept building experiments. You can choose a lot of SparkleBox’s educational toys as per the age of your child, favourite subject or grade.

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