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Watermelon seeds counting game

Watermelon seeds counting game

Fun Math Activities for Kids

We are huge fans of learning through play and our creative learning ideas on this blog are designed to be as fun, hands-on and engaging as possible for little hands and minds. You simply don’t ever need to use a worksheet or math book to learn how to count.

Count your steps as you climb the stairs, count the number of dogs you see at the park, the flowers in the garden, the items on the conveyor belt at the supermarket, fingers and toes while singing, how many red cars whizz past the window and so on! Children learn best through real life experiences, and when we then build on those to create more learning at home or at school, they can be just as practical, tactile and enjoyable.

Today we are sharing one simple and enjoyable activity “Watermelon seeds counting game”

Materials required :

1)A4 size sheet 


3)Backpaper seeds 


  1. Draw a slice of watermelon with colors .
  2. Add some blackpaper seeds on the red portion of watermelon
  3. Count the number of seeds 
  4. Write the number of seeds

Check this video to know more about it https://youtu.be/tQayBYf6qU0


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