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DIY Experiment for Kids at Home: Water Bottle Fountain

DIY Experiment for Kids at Home: Water Bottle Fountain

Water Bottle Fountain experiment for kids


Runoff from a terrace or indoor water fountain creates relaxing and calming airspace. The sound created by the mechanical pump can ruin the soothing effect of relaxation by the fountain. A DIY fountain experiment for kids can be constructed from unused household things or purchased from any departmental store. A 2-ltr plastic bottle and tubes can add a homemade fountain in your sweet home, or you can set up a big gravity fountain to turn an old fashioned entrance into a remarkable entrance or to glorify an outdoor garden.

Benefits of Experiment for Kids

● A Water bottle fountain is one of the smallest and easiest experiment for kids with water to give a little knowledge of science.

● Making a DIY water bottle fountain for kids without electricity or a pump is easy and the best science project for children is to understand the wind pressure system with the fluid procedure basics.

● This water bottle and straw experiment for kids with water help them learn various science concepts creatively and simply with a lot of enjoyment. 

This article will teach you the steps for experiment for kids to build a DIY water bottle fountain without a pump and electricity that will amaze you and your friends.

Stuff Needed to Make DIY Water Bottle Fountain Experiment for Kids

things needed for water bottle experiment for kids

● Disposable Plastic Bottle – 1

● Water Mug – 1

● Big Bowl – 1

● Stretchable Straw – 2

● Stretchable Tube – to increase the length of bendable straw (if needed)

● Food Colour

How to Make Non-Stop Water Fountain with Plastic Bottles

kids and dad working on experiment for kids

1. Make two holes in the bottle cap so that you can put two straws into the bottle simultaneously.

2. Fit one stretchable tube into one hole of the cap until it reaches the middle of the bottle. This straw will work as a fountain straw in the DIY Water Bottle Fountain experiment for kids.

3. Fit one more straw into the second opening in the cap for the straw only to reach the bottle’s neck. You can extend the straw’s length with the help of a stretchable tube if the water mug is deep or the drainage pipe cannot touch the bottom to accumulate water in a big bowl.

4. Place the mug on top of table coloured water. Add 5-6 colouring food drops to it.

5. Place one big bowl on the ground to collect drainage water from the fountain.

6. In the end, fill the water bottle with about 1/3 of simple water and twist off the cap including two straws 

7. Ensure that there are no leaks from the fountain bottle cap. If you notice a leak, use quick glue or duct tape to keep the system tight as much as you can.

8. Now, the DIY water bottle fountain for kids is ready, and you can surprise your closed ones.  

9. Don’t forget to adjust the open end of the drainage straw into the bowl.

10. Set fountain straw into the coloured water mug.

11. Place fountain bottles between the Water Mug and Ground Locations.

12. Now steadily turn your water bottle over and experience the art of the fountain.

13. Notice that a coloured and beautiful water fountain will begin to shoot in a water bottle without electricity and a mechanical pump. 

Water Bottle Fountain Explanation

When you upside down the fountain bottle, the pure water in the bottle begins to run out of the “drain straw” because of air pressure and gravity the drops inside the bottle, further, the pressure of air on the top of the water mug is stronger. The difference in air pressure creates a suction system inside the water bottle. Therefore the water begins to run from the jug of water to the bottle through the fountain straw with no mechanical pump or electricity. This phenomena is the main reason that makes this fountain experiment for children work.

Quick Tips for This Experiment for Kids

a child is using a beaker to pour liquid during science experiment

● Clarify this project by not asking your child so much and allowing them to experience water’s happiness from the straw.

● Start the activity with the air and let it run on your toes or fingers and then ask what is in the bottle or inform them that it was air.

● When showing them the experiment with water fountains, tell them that the air in the bottle is pressing on the water as if it were on their toes, causing the water to flow up the straw.

● This will help you conclude where they are in their understanding, knowledge, and learning and help you explain the activity to their interests and level.


Science experiments for kids is vital for their growth and develooment. These experiments help in their cognitive development by letting them find and figure out the reasons for things happening in their everyday life. They also help develop motor skills as kids become dextrous in using both hands while putting together the equipment. We hope you enjoyed this water bottle fountain experiment.

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