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Trending Arts and Crafts Project in the World

Trending Arts and Crafts Project in the World

trending arts and crafts project ideas for kids


Is your child good at making arts and crafts project, but you don’t know how to help them? Well, don’t worry, we have exactly what you would want for your child! There is an excitement that can’t be contained in the world of art and craft. The creative minds behind these products have been hard at work making new trends with old ideas and finding ways to make our favourite crafts more efficient than before. If you’re looking for some inspiration on what’s trending in the world of art and craft, then read on! Whether you are a child or simply young at heart, there is something to be found for everyone in this ever-growing industry. 

7 Latest Trending Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids

Finding the suitable arts and crafts activities for your child can be challenging, especially when there are so many different types of crafts to choose from. Fortunately, some creative minds in our team have helped make choosing a craft project for your child easier by providing you with countless options. Here are 7 latest trending arts and crafts projects for kids.

1. Recycled Homemade T-shirt Animals 

It’s not a new concept, but this arts and crafts project has become a favourite with parents and children alike. Need to learn how to make one of these incredible recycled T-shirt animals? All you need is an old t-shirt, stuffing, scissors or a knife, yarn or embroidery thread, and safety eyes. With these materials, you can create an adorable elephant that kids will treasure forever. 

little girl working on some diy projects


2. Turntable Craft

In recent years, the turntable arts and crafts trend has taken off, especially among DIY arts and crafters! For this project, you’ll need some turntable arts and crafts materials for a set of turntables, which includes some old records to use as decoration. With just an old record player, masking tape or painter’s tape, cardboard and paper, you can make terrific arts and crafts projects that will give your home something different. You can also paint your record players so that they match the walls in your home or give them an artsy pattern with tape if you want. It’s a simple arts and crafts project to get involved in, and it’s also a fun way to get the family together in an activity.

3. Wall Mounted Record Player

The materials for this arts and crafts project are simple – you’ll need a record player, some arts and crafts hooks (or picture hangers), and artsy records for decoration. Record players might be going out of style, but they’re still classic arts and crafts. If you’ve got old ones lying around the house or lots of artsy wall space to fill, this is a great way to combine arts and crafts and music into one project.

4. String Art

String art is artsy, colourful, and fun to put together! The basic idea is that you use yarn to create pictures with strings in various sizes. You can make artsy pictures with words, geometric shapes, or tiny designs. And you can hang artsy string arts around your home or give them to artsy friends as a gift!

5. Handmade Holiday Cards

Making homemade holiday cards is a great way to spend time that’s artsy and creative. You can use an arts and crafts kit for this artsy project, which will give you artsy supplies to make artsy holiday cards.

handmade cards art and craft


6. Duct Tape Crafts

Have you heard of duct tape crafts? They’re arts and crafts projects made out of duct tape! Duct tape is excellent arts and crafts material that can be used for all kinds of DIY projects, including artsy duct tape arts.

7. Handmade Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are a great arts and crafts project that you can utilize artsy supplies to make artsy gift boxes for artsy presents! Artsy gifts include arts, crafts, and art supplies like paint sets. You could even give your skills and craft boxes to other family members, neighbours, or even your peers!

handmade gift box


Tips to Make the DIY Art and Craft Activities More Exciting for Kids

1. Choose activities that are exciting and interesting for your child.

2. Be a good example and get involved with your kids in their artsy activities.

3. If you know about the supply you are using, teach them about it as well.

4. Give your child freedom to do whatever they want within safety boundaries set by yourself.

5. Make the crafts a family project. Your child will enjoy it more, and you will have the opportunity to help your kids in ways they could not do alone.

6. Always check if the product is non-toxic to avoid harmful chemicals or ingredients from harming your little one!

7. You can also spend time with your child by letting them watch your arts and crafts sessions.

8. Finally, relax and have fun!

Art and craft should be something that brings joy to the artist and those around them. If you are enjoying yourself while making art, often, your kids will as well!

parents helping kids with art and craft



Parents and children are often drawn to art and craft making projects for a variety of reasons. Parents may want their kids occupied with an activity that is creative, educational, or both. Kids may be looking for something new and exciting to do on the weekends while they wait for friends to get out of school. Whatever your reason for getting involved in crafting (or encouraging others), you’ll need some supplies! We have put together this list of our favourite crafts for kids that will help spark creativity and teach valuable skills like patience, persistence, spatial awareness, and more! If you’ve enjoyed these projects, please share them with other parents who might find them helpful too!


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