10 Kids Activities to Keep Kids Busy On A Road Trip!
Kids Activities to Engage In While Travelling!

Kids Activities to Engage In While Travelling!

kids activities to keep them busy while travelling

Planning to Travel? Look at These Kids Activities

It can be hard for any of us to sit for a long time but this is especially true for most kids. However, travelling doesn’t need to be boring, stressful, or fidgety. Keep children grounded in their seats with age-appropriate kids activities that will keep them busy and happily engaged while travelling!

5 Kids Activities to Entertain Toddlers on a Road Trip

Cars and trains offer a little more flexibility in terms of being able to store toys and play with them. However, road trips in India also depend upon the state of the roads, so you need kids activities that don’t depend upon having a stable surface!


The best entertainment for anyone, anywhere is a book! You can carry a few board books or interactive books that your toddler can flip through when they get bored, but make sure they’re not ones they have read before! In a car, an audio book is perfect, there are many options for all age groups if you’re searching for audio books for your children.


One of the simplest joys of childhood is blowing bubbles; even adults get transported to another age when they do it! Get a mess-free bubble wand or gun so that your toddler doesn’t end up spilling bubble solution all over the car or train. There is something charming about blowing bubbles out into the wind as you go down the road! This is one of the most engaging and fun kids activities to do while travelling.

blowing bubbles kids activities



Before your trip, make a playlist of your toddler’s current favorites – even if they include tunes you can’t stand! Rather than playing the whole tape in one go, play a couple of tunes at a time, then let them get hooked on other kids activities till they start getting antsy again. You’ll have to carry along headphones if you’re going by train so that your child’s fun time doesn’t mess with other’s quiet time.

Scavenger Hunt 

If you are looking for kids activities that can be played independently then this one is just right for you! This is a lovely game that keeps toddlers occupied as well as encourages their observational skills and helps them focus on actually enjoying the trip! Print out a scavenger hunt printable, laminate it and give your toddler a marker to cross out each object as they spot it outside! 

Action Figures

Toddlers are known for being obsessed with certain characters or objects for a certain phase. Just before the trip, get your toddler an action figure of his favorite character. Ensure that it has moving parts to increase the playability factor. 

 kids activities involve playing with action figures


5 Kids Activities to Entertain Toddlers in an Airplane

A plane can be one of the trickiest places to manage a toddler, considering the fact that there are no pit stops! However, the meal tray can prove to be handy, provided you don’t spend the whole trip picking up things that have fallen on the floor!


Kids love stickers, and the thicker puffier ones are ideal for toddlers’ little hands. You can either get a sticker book where they have to stick the accompanying stickers in specific places, or a plain scrapbook and free-style packs of stickers. Another option is a packet of gel or window stickers which they can stick on the plane’s windows, peel off and stick again!


Technology can prove really helpful in certain situations, such as when you’re stuck in a plane with a fidgety 18 month old! There are numerous apps out there for all ages, and many of them are free and educational providing a lot of options for kids activities be it in the form of a game or an informational video!

kids activities to do in aeroplane


Coloring Book 

If your toddler likes coloring, a brand new coloring book should keep them engaged for some time! Now, we know that it can be a nightmare picking up fallen crayons from the floor all the time, so we’d recommend those thick jumbo crayons which are easy to hold and use while coloring.


You’re probably not in favor of too much screen time for your toddler, but sometimes that’s the only way to get some peace for an extended period of time, especially on long flights. Your best option is to go for episode-based cartoon videos, where each episode is not more than 20 minutes. This will ensure your toddler is entertained but not overwhelmed.

kids watching movies in aeroplane


Doodle Pad  

This is one toy that is probably used more on travel than at home! A doodle pad will enable your toddler to draw, erase and draw again, that too without losing the pen! There are advanced doodle pads that help you draw special patterns – get one suited to your toddler’s abilities and interests.

Your Takeaway

Kids need to be entertained during travelling because they are restless and are always jolly. This list can help you to entertain your child and keep them busy during the travelling time. Providing your family with the gift of travel is invaluable. It opens young eyes and hearts, broadens horizons, and helps children learn through various kids activities and experiences. Travel also allows for family bonding time which can create memories that will last a lifetime!

Happy travelling!


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