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6 Must-Have Toys for 4 Year Olds

6 Must-Have Toys for 4 Year Olds

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At a certain phase of early age development, children seem to be inseparable from their toys. Although the basic purpose of toys is to simply create fun time playing, toy manufacturers are encouraged to provide educational-oriented toys for 4 year olds in order to help children to learn and develop fundamental abilities such as cognitive thinking, physical skills, problem-solving, numbers, language, colours, and more. 

Since toddlers or preschoolers are getting more familiar with digital-based games, educational toys manufacturers will have to overcome difficult challenges in the market. Toy factories need to be very creative, so they can provide interesting, fun, yet educating toys for 4 year olds.



6 Developmental Toys for 4 Year Olds


1. Legos

Lego are classic toys loved by children of all ages. This 303 piece set comprises numerous ideas for making a variety of structures like robots, dinosaurs, airplanes, ships and so on. Not only does it stretch children’s creativity, but also encourages building skills, logical reasoning and problem solving skills.

These toys for 4 year olds are safe to use. However, as the blocks are rather small in size, if your 4 year old has a habit of putting things in their mouth, it would be better to defer the purchase till they overcome this habit. 

lego toys for 4 year olds


2. WondrBox learning and educational toys for 4 year olds

The main reason why toddlers become aggressive in nature is because of their inability to express their emotions. As they are unable to explain what they feel and resolve disputes through words, they resort to aggression. The best way to solve this is to help them express themselves verbally.

This education toy helps children learn about various emotions, express them in words and also develop empathy. The activities include tracing, DIY craft, simple board game and cut-outs.


3. Jigsaw puzzles

This set of 6 jigsaw puzzles, each of 20 pieces, is one of the most appropriate toys for 4 year olds as they can solve them on their own without assistance. Not only does it improve problem solving and logical thinking skills, but also helps them develop patience.

puzzle toys for 4 year olds


4. Dominoes

A toy loved by both children and adults. Not only do children learn about cause and effects, but also develop patience when they play with the Dominoes. Do show them inspirational videos to trigger newer ideas on how to play with Dominoes as these are one of the most fun learning toys for 4 year olds.


5. Wooden Digital Colourful Train

A fun and colorful toy for toddlers who have just started learning their numbers. Made of wood and non-toxic colors, the train teaches counting and sequences. Moreover, who doesn’t like to play with trains!

This toy will enhance your child’s personality, help them learn colours and numbers at the same time all while being on a fun and imaginative train ride!  

train toys for 4 year olds


6. Mechanix

One of the toys for 4 year olds that actually offers hands-on STEM learning is this one! Young mechanics will love this simple construction set of Grand Pix Car comprising 57 pieces. Crafted from high quality steel and plastic, it is sure to help children develop logical skills, problem solving ability, visualization and spatial sense.


Why Should You Get Educational Toys for 4 Year Olds?


1. Development of social skills

Social skill is possibly the first thing for infants or babies to learn. As mentioned earlier, babies should prepare to explore the environment and learn to understand emotion. Educational toys for 4 year olds, such as board games, can actually help babies to socialize with others. Board games commonly involve taking turns, sharing, and learning not to interrupt others.


2. Development of cognitive skills

Cognitive skills include memorizing, problem-solving, recognizing colors, etc. It is also important that young children learn about size and numbers. Children can easily achieve these basic cognitive skills by playing with colorful physical toys such as puzzles.

 toys for 4 year olds develop cognitive skills


3. Development of language skills

Interactions with others encourage children to express their feelings. They need to learn to use language and speak properly. Fortunately, modern toy manufacturers can create advanced robotic-toys for 4 year olds that can speak as well as ask questions. With proper guidance from parents or older children, learning how to speak properly can be fun. Young children will tend to imitate the sound or voice spoken by the toys. It is also possible that educational toy manufacturers attach images to the toys so children can learn about names of things.


4. Development of motor skills

Toddlers need to develop muscle abilities and balance as they prepare to explore the environment. They tend to play with toys that require them to move major parts of the body including fingers, legs, hands, etc.

development of fine motor skills with educational toys


5. Development of logic and imaginations

Educational toys allow children to use their imaginations; however, children will also need to use logic and critical thinking. They will recognize their surroundings and develop awareness of the environment.


Your Takeaway

These developmental toys for 4 year olds can be both fun and educational. When parents provide excellent toys for their children based on specific stages of early age development, toys can actually promote healthy physical and mental growth. 

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