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Why is my Child Not Interested in Schoolwork and Homework?

Why is my Child Not Interested in Schoolwork and Homework?

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An Everyday Struggle

Is your child giving you a hard time doing their homework? Is that an everyday struggle for you? After a tiring day, this should be an easy question to answer. But what about the kids who love to do it? Many parents are concerned about balancing their children’s lack of interest and curiosity in schoolwork and the adequate attention span they need from their parents. While there can be many reasons for this, the most common is that the child simply does not see a connection between what they learn at school and everyday life. 

A child may also be resisting homework because they are not interested in the subject. If a child does not care about schoolwork, they will find it hard to complete homework for that class. Children who enjoy homework tend to finish it quicker than children who detest it. We have a few effective tips for you to make this simple and easy! 

5 Possible Reasons why Children Aren’t Doing their Homework

They are being distracted by family or friends 

Yes, this is not so surprising after all! Homework is different from learning at school because it usually involves working alone or quietly. The child may be seeking attention from his or her friends and family so he or she doesn’t want to work on homework. Although this isn’t the only reason why a child is being distracted by others, it’s definitely one of the reasons! 

Homework is not engaging 

This is another reason why homework for kids isn’t something they will look forward to! The homework may be too difficult for the child. Or, it may seem like it is more of a parent’s job than the child’s. This is because parents are in charge of making sure homework gets done and they often check homework as well. 

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They are overburdened with other homework to complete 

Another reason a child may not want to do homework is that they have too much homework to do! Sometimes homework from different subjects gets combined together so the child has one big wholesome to finish. So, the child gets repulsed and doesn’t want to get started with it. When homework for kids is too difficult, and when it becomes too much, it can deter a child from wanting to finish their work on time. 

They don’t need it 

A fourth reason why children may not be motivated to do homework is that they don’t see the point of doing it at all! Teachers have a tendency to give homework even when it’s not necessary. 

The homework is too boring 

A fifth reason why a child may not want to do homework is because it can be very boring. We all know how homework can get repetitive – over and over we solve additional problems, write out words, or learn multiplication tables.

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4 Ways to Make Kids do the Homework Punctually

Establish a homework time 

Kids need to know when it’s time to study. A homework schedule ensures that homework gets completed on time and also helps children know exactly what is expected from them during homework time. Having a set homework time makes it easier to manage everything else in your child’s life! 

Make homework for kids time fun 

Many children think homework is a boring and unpleasant task. If homework time is made enjoyable, then this concern can be addressed. Get your child a homework desk or table for the homework corner in their room or get them some shelves to keep their homework books on. You could also put up a poster of their favorite movie star on the desk! 

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Set homework deadlines 

Setting homework deadlines will ensure that homework gets completed punctually. For example, a deadline of 8:00 pm for homework means that homework must be done by this time every day. This is more realistic than the homework should be completed in one sitting and can make homework for kids less stressful! 

Ask your child what they did at school today to help them 

Coming home and beginning homework for kids may be stressful for everyone because they don’t remember what went on in school. Ask them about their day so that homework tasks are less stressful to them. Providing reminders of homework tasks can also help! 

Tips to Make Homework more Exciting for Kids 

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  • Make homework for kids a regular part of family time.
  • When you run errands, try to include your child in the planning or destinations. Have they been wanting to go to a certain playground? Do some homework at that park and make homework for kids something fun they look forward to! 
  • Incorporate materials from TV shows, books, or their favorite games into homework activities! 
  • Make homework for kids a game by using a timer and rewarding with stickers or candy when homework for kids is completed in the allotted amount of time. 
  • You can also encourage your child to take short breaks such as 3 minutes of jumping rope every 15 minutes or so. 


Parents, don’t be discouraged if your child has no interest and curiosity in schoolwork or homework for kids. There are many reasons why this may happen and it can often depend on the age of the child. If you find that they just aren’t motivated by anything, try finding out what their interests are outside of the classroom to see how you can help support them at home with more engaging tasks than workbooks.

You want to make sure they get a chance to explore all their passions without feeling like every moment is spent working on math problems! Let us know if we can do anything else for you; our experts would love to provide any additional information needed so that parents feel confident about tackling these issues head-on together.


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