These 3 Kids Activities are Full of Learning and Fun
3 Kids Activities to Keep Them Busy Over Summers

3 Kids Activities to Keep Them Busy Over Summers

kids activities for summer holidays

Kids Activities Should be Engaging and Fun

Summer is a great time to have some fun and teach your kids something new. It is essential to keep children interested or busy throughout their holidays in some kids activities. Keeping kids occupied during vacations by enrolling them in hobby programmes or fun learning extracurricular activities can help them avoid wasting their time. You should encourage your kids to develop skills that will help them throughout their lives and summer holidays are just the time to do that!

Studies have shown that summer breaks are a great opportunity to stimulate your kids’ brains. This is because of the extended free time that they get to use up. For kids, vacation means no school and no set schedule. However, after a few days, they become bored and may become destructive or attempt to go out in the sun to plunder. Therefore, it is necessary that as a parent you provide them with some fun learning kids activities that not only keep them engaged but also improves their skills and creativity.

Top 3 Kids Activities to Do This Summer

Here are 3 fun kids activities for the summer holidays to keep your children from getting bored and improving their overall skills and creativity.

Explore Around!

If your kids have any interest in nature, then you can take them outside to explore the world surrounding them. Nature has a lot of things to show and give, especially when it comes to adventure and fun. You can provide them with materials like telescopes to discover the different things that are out there. 

Get them some binoculars and let them see interesting animals from up close, or even microscopes so they can examine details like shapes in leaves or the movement of tiny living creatures. You can take them on adventurous kids activities like hiking trips, camping trips or even just a walk in the park to look around and feel like they are on an expedition. 

kids activities to explore nature


With this, you can even encourage them to take part in some physical kids activities during the summer holiday, such as swimming, cycling, playing football, basketball, etc. This will help them explore their inner capabilities and interests.

Arts and Crafts!

Kids aged 3 to 9 years can explore creativity in all aspects, from painting with watercolours to moulding clay or making little sculptures out of modelling dough. There are also a lot of creative kids activities like paper plate puppet shows which they can do at home. This is a great fun learning activity that involves creativity and artistic skills, both highly crucial for kids of this age group. 

Arts and crafts also include various crafting and DIY projects like making gifts and even toys. Making gifts for family and friends is a great way to pass time. Whether it’s decorating clothespins, planning birthday party favours or creating a gift basket, kids will love the creativity and decorative flair with these kids activities. 

art and craft kids activities


Even older kids can come up with their version of greeting cards and flaunt their creativity. You can also ask the kids to help you with some of their DIY projects like hanging shelves, planters or a bird feeder. It can prove to be even more interesting for them and they can learn some new skills as well.

Get Cooking!

The kitchen is a great place to learn and build some new skills. If your child is at the age when they can watch you in the kitchen and help prepare food, then it’s a good idea to include them in these kids activities. This way they can learn how to plan meals, shop for groceries and cook. Most importantly, they will learn how to stay healthy and take care of themselves. You can even ask them to help you read recipes and match items from the pantry with the list in the recipe. 

cooking kids activities with parents


If your kids are younger, you may have a harder time explaining things to them but even if they are as young as four or five years old, they can get involved. You can ask your kids to help you in baking cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc. This is a fun way of learning how to bake and cook, and even understanding how and what ingredients are used. You can ask your kids to show off their creativity by decorating the cakes and cookies with their favourite sprinkles or cream. Then you can have a lovely snack together and spend some quality time with them. 


We hope these suggestions will help you to keep your kids busy this summer and for years to come. Helping them develop their creativity is the most important part of the process. Hopefully, these three tips will help you avoid the dreaded “I’m bored” whining and get some peace of mind during the holidays too! 

Finding new kids activities every day might become difficult. We know that it can feel like you have limited options when trying to find kids activities during their spare time, but don’t worry because there are plenty of things they can do, where they can have fun and keep learning too.


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