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12 Storybooks for Kids to Read During the Holidays

12 Storybooks for Kids to Read During the Holidays

12 Storybooks for Kids to Read During the Holidays
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The story of Christmas is one that never gets old. It’s a real story that was narrated over 2,000 years ago, and it still captures the imagination today. A storybook is an excellent way to introduce your kids to this story in a new and exciting way! Here are 12 storybooks for kids to read during the holidays – from classics like “The Night Before Christmas” to more contemporary favourites like “The Nutcracker,” these stories will be sure to keep your little ones entertained throughout the holiday season!

Why are Storybooks Necessary for a Child’s Growth?

According to a study, storybooks are the third most popular medium for parents, and they increase children’s understanding of story events.

Reading storybooks is important for children’s growth! Moreover, storybook reading not only encourages a love of books but also builds vocabulary skills! The act of hearing new words in context is essential to expanding your child’s knowledge of the language. Plus, stories lead to discussions that teach about other cultures and lifestyles. Here are some of the best storybooks to read during this holiday season.

1. The Nutcracker

This story is one of the most popular around this time, and it’s a great story to read during the holidays. This story follows Clara as she travels with her family to visit their friends in another country. They meet Drosselmeyer, who tells them about his magical crafts that turn into toys for children at Christmas! They also get an invite to see the Nutcracker that lives in a storybook castle. Clara falls asleep and has an adventure with her beloved Nutcracker toy!

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2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

This story follows Alice, who falls down the rabbit hole and has all sorts of adventures in Wonderland. This story is perfect for children because it’s full of fantasy, new worlds, and fun characters!

3. The Polar Express

This story tells about a boy named Chris who goes to The North Pole on Christmas Eve by train with some other kids. This story is perfect for children because it’s about Christmas, travelling by train, getting gifts, and a magical tale with elves! They are all told the story of Santa Claus and given a gift from him.

4. The Legend of Holly Jones

Holly has been chosen to save her town on Christmas Eve when they are attacked by goblins who want to take over the city. Holly and her friends work together to defeat the goblins, find the Christmas “moonstone,” and save their town! This story is perfect for children because it’s about a girl who saves her whole city from being taken over by bad guys on Christmas Eve night!

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5. Frosty’s Snow Day: A Family Holiday Tradition

This story is about a snowman that comes to life and wants to have a day off in the winter. His friends make him feel better by telling him he can participate in his holiday tradition, Frosty Night! This story is perfect for children because it’s about Snowmen coming alive on Christmas Eve night and going out into the snow to celebrate.

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory follows Charlie Bucket on his tour of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. He is one of five people selected to live out their fantasies inside the factory for a day. The story is about how being kind, honest, or having good manners can help you in life! This storybook is perfect for children because it satisfies their reading and their tummy because of the chocolatey descriptions.

7. The Cat in the Hat

This story follows Sally and her brother as they’re left home alone while their mother takes care of someone who’s been injured. They discover that the cat from next door has come to visit them! The story teaches kids about responsibility by showing how it can be a great thing to have.

8. The Three Pigs

This story is about three pigs who live in different houses with the wolf nearby, and how they each deal with their homes being blown down by the Big Bad Wolf! It teaches kids that it’s okay to be scared at times and tells them that there are happy endings.

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9. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

This story follows four children who are sent to live with their uncle for a while, but when they go exploring in the attic, they find many magical doors that take them on an adventure. This story provides kids with lessons about bravery and teaches them how important it is not to judge people based on appearances!

10. Where the Wild Things Are

This story follows a boy who gets sent to his room without supper and goes on an adventure into the land of Wild Things. This story teaches kids about how having imagination can be fun but also helps them learn that it’s important not to hurt others while being imaginative!

11. The Giving Tree

In this story, a tree gives its apples to a child, branches to people building houses, and finally the stump for him to sit on. This story helps kids understand the importance of giving back while also teaching them that we need to be thankful even when things are challenging!

12. Frog and Toad Together

In this storybook of silliness and friendship, Frog has an idea for what he wants to do with his friend Toad. Toad wants to do something different, but they end up having a grand time together anyways! This book is undoubtedly a catch if you’re looking for a fun and happy story!

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, happy ending stories don’t fail to put a smile on everyone’s face. Storybooks not only convey a plot but also increase reading skills and creativity and make someone become a future author! We hope you found something your kids will enjoy! We think these are some of our favourite children’s storybooks that would be perfect for you and your little ones during the holidays.

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