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Easy Steps to Make Your Own Robot Toy

Easy Steps to Make Your Own Robot Toy

guide to make DIY robot toy for kids

STE(A)M Learning with Robot Toy

In today’s world, robots may be found in a variety of settings. Educators have discovered that allowing children to build their own robot toys is not only entertaining but also educational. It encourages youngsters to develop an interest in STEM subjects early in life, establishing the groundwork for future study. However, how do you create a self-made robot toy?

Robots captivate both children and the elderly, enthralled by their independent activity and artificial intelligence. However, constructing a self-made robot toy may be difficult and costly, especially if you wish to make it with your children. There are children’s robot kits available, but they are all over-designed toys that disguise the real process of building a robot behind ready-to-use components.

What Exactly is a Robot?

There are several definitions of robots, and no meaningful agreement has yet been reached. However, it could be defined as an electromechanical device capable of reacting to its surroundings in some way and making autonomous decisions or actions in order to complete a job.

A toaster, a light, or an automobile, for example, would not be called robots since they have no method of sensing their surroundings. A robotic system, on the other hand, is a vacuum cleaner that can move around a room or a solar panel that searches the sun.

kid making robot toy


What Are The Requirements For Making A DIY Robot Toy?

The first stage is to figure out what your robot toy should be capable of (i.e., its purpose in life). Robots are designed to assist humans in some capacity and may be utilized in nearly any circumstance. If you’re not sure what you want your robot toy to perform or just want to focus your efforts on a few key activities, this basic DIY robot is the option for you.

This is entirely depending on the project you’re working on. For example, if you’re looking for ways to create a robotic hand for kids, you’ll need a variety of electronics as well as a robotic linear actuator. Other kid-friendly robot toy crafts include googly eyes, cardboard, colorful electrical tape, several pairs of toy wheels, or a dozen buttons! 

robot toy in the making


Are you environmentally conscious? Instead of buying new materials and resources, and eco-friendly way to build your own robot toy may entail raiding your garbage and recycling some of the household rubbish. After you’ve decided on the sort of robotic project you want to do, you’ll need to gather your resources.

A Step by Step Guide to Make Robot Toy

Making robots at home is not always difficult or time-consuming. Here are some basic robot toys that parents may make with their children.

  • Ages 9 and up are recommended.
  • Electronics skill level: simple
  • Papermaking is a simple skill to learn (optional: robots body is medium to hard)
  • 90 minutes are required (for the basic robot, every upgrade is about an hour)

You can even reuse the materials for future STEM projects at school!

I invented a super easy robot just from paper and simple electronics. The brain of the robot toy will be a regular smartphone! 

This is the first part of the process, making a smart robot toy from very simple materials. For this part, we skip the programming to get the basics right: We start with the movement by using two motors. Then we make the robot controllable via a (wired) remote control. After that, we use a solar cell as a power source to make the self-made robot more sustainable. 

diy wired robot toy


Finally, we use LEDs to create the robot’s body and two charming light-up antennas. The greatest part is that constructing it will serve as the basis for part two, which will focus on the programmable smartphone robot.

As a result, you may start simple and gradually improve your robot toy. This is an ideal STEM or STEAM project for classrooms or at home because the robot just utilizes simple electronics and simple paper circuits (no tools necessary!).

Materials Required:

  • A printed template is required.
  • Solar motor with two gears
  •  Conversion Gears
  • Two-button cells, each with a voltage of three volts
  • A clip for binders
  • Electrically conductive tape with a conductive adhesive
  • Glue
  • Transparent tape
  • Scissors
  • Toothpicks – 2
  • Cap of a bottle


  1. Download And Print A Template

On normal paper, print a template. You can use glossy (photo) paper if you want the robot’s design and wheels to glow brightly. The colors are incredibly vivid and saturated on this type of paper.

robot template design


  1. Get The Chassis Ready

Cut out the shape after gluing the pattern on the cardboard. At the dotted line, fold the chassis.

  1. Explore The Circuit

Using conductive tape, trace the circuit. At the designated location, apply a strip of normal tape. 

  1. Join The Motors Together

Glue the motors to the chassis. Connect the motors’ wires to the chassis’ circuit rails with conductive tape.

diy robot toy for kids


  1. Complete The Robot Toy Structure
  • Cut two wheels out of cardboard and glue them together. Connect the motors to the wheels.
  • Use a bottle cap as a third wheel in the robot’s back.
  • Using a binder clip, attach a stack of two-button cells to the circuit and test your robot!


If your kids (or you) want to learn how to build a cool self-made robot toy from the ground up, it’s a fun project that the whole family can participate in. Starting with some simple robots to construct at home, you’ll quickly discover that this hands-on science project is a fun family activity that will enhance your kids’ creativity and critical thinking!


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