Can Educational Toys Help In STEM Learning? Absolutely!
8 Best STEM Educational Toys for Children

8 Best STEM Educational Toys for Children

stem learning with educational toys for kids

What is Meant by STEM Educational Toys?

STEM educational toys are toys that teach children in a hands-on manner about the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They encourage creative thinking and problem-solving skills which will help them to be successful when they are older!

Educational Toys Are Important for Child Development

Toys are an important part of childhood development. They can be used to teach children about the world around them, they can help stimulate their minds and creativity, and they offer a source of entertainment. But not all toys are created equally! This is why we have compiled a list of  10 best STEM educational toys for children. These will provide your child with hours of fun while also teaching them valuable skills that will stay with them for life!

Top 8 STEM Educational Toys for Children

  1. Apple Pie Science Kit (ages 12+): This toy provides two hours of experimenting fun where kids can learn how baking works by making their apple pies from scratch! With this kit, your child can create three different pastry doughs including pie crusts, cookie cutters as well as yeast dough recipes like rolls. There are also instructions for making every filling imaginable – sweet cherry, spicy apple, and deliciously gooey cinnamon sugar.
  2. Riptile (ages 12+): This toy is a great example of how STEM can be applied to the real world! It’s also an interactive game that will have your child learning about geometry in ways they may not yet know to exist – through their very own design projects. Game play begins by constructing geometric shapes on graph paper before translating them into playable boards. Players then use these boards to complete various challenges such as creating designs from given blocks or color patterns using only one shape type per piece. The Riptile game is designed for children aged 12+. It includes instructions on designing two different puzzles and 22 pieces so kids are never bored with this kit!
stem educational toys enhance cognitive skills


  1. Building Toys: These can be anything from building bricks or wooden blocks to construction sets! They allow children to build things using their imagination which develops creativity and problem-solving skills. All this while also teaching them about geometry, physics, engineering principles like torque and balance, etc.
  2. Aeromodelling Toys: Children love to play with flying objects! And to learn how to make one aeroplane model is going to be an amazing learning experience! Kids learn how to assemble an aircraft, the parts of an aircraft and different types of aircrafts. 
aeroplane educational toy


  1. Science Toys: This type of toy encourages children to explore the scientific process. It includes activities such as chemistry sets, geodesic domes, magnetic rocks and minerals, robotics and basic scientific experiments. 
  2. Educational Video Games: These types include a wide variety of different genres including math/logic puzzles, geography games and spelling/vocabulary games among others. All these educational toy activities are designed to help children learn while playing. Most also come with parental controls. This makes it easy for parents as they can customize what kids play and how often based on their child’s age and ability level.
  3. Remote Control & Ride-on Cars: The newest remote control cars are battery operated which means hours of playtime without being tethered by a cord. They also have lights or other features that make them more realistic for kids who are into racing video games. Children can even ride their electric cars!
remote control cars educational toys


  1. Smartivity Hydraulics Construction Kits: Hydraulics are the engines that power all sorts of machines like elevators, robots, and car transmissions. This hands-on kit helps children to understand how they work by assembling a working model with motors, pumps, valves, and other components.

What are the Benefits of STEM Educational Toys?

Following are the important benefits of STEM educational toys:

  • STEM Educational Toys develop their cultural competencies, critical thinking skills, problem solving techniques and spatial understanding (which is important for computer games).
  • They are also good at developing motor skills.
  • These toys help children to become more self-confident.
  • They promote creativity: these types of toys encourage children to be creative too! And they exercise their creativity in a wide range of ways which can lead to new ideas for solving problems, developing confidence, etc.
educational toys enhance children’s learning abilities


Buying the right toy or game not only encourages an active lifestyle but also helps your child’s cognitive development that will last long after childhood has ended! Many parents are turning towards STEM educational toys these days. This is because they want their kids to go learn hands-on and apply their knowledge into real life situations.


When choosing the best STEM toy for your child, it is important to look at what they are most interested in. You then need to match that interest with a fun way of learning! We hope this top 8 list has given you some ideas on how to choose an educational toy. You can buy STEM learning educational toys from MySparklebox that will be perfect for your kid’s learning and development!


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