7 Toys That Develop and Enhance STEM Education in Children
Some of the Best STEM Education Toys for Kids

Some of the Best STEM Education Toys for Kids

stem educational toys for children of all ages

STEM Learning and Education

STEM education toys are toys based on principles of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. They are created to encourage curiosity and learning. STEM learning is a big buzzword in education right now. It essentially means developing kids’ skills and focus in the four areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. And, while plenty of this happens in a school setting, STEM education toys are a great way to reinforce these key areas of learning in a fun way.

 The best STEM education toys encourage kids to explore, experiment and invent. They help to promote critical thinking skills and creative thinking in young minds. And, in a world dominated by computers and technology, these STEM learning toys offer screen-free and immersive ways to develop logic, grasp scientific concepts and promote problem solving abilities.

Why are STEM Education Toys Important?

Helps Improve Problem Solving Skills 

When your children play with STEM educational toys, they are learning to overcome different obstacles by thinking and using their intelligence. Since the games offer different challenges which will encourage kids to come up with solutions to win, they learn to face struggles and become more independent in their thinking.

Stimulates Creativity at a Young Age

Since STEM educational toys make children think, they are also practising 

creativity. It takes intelligence and creativity to come up with a solution that is 

out of the box when solving STEM Toy problems.

Proves STEM is Not Hard 

What a child experiences on a daily basis will influence what they aspire to be in the future and what they are interested in. When children are exposed to STEM toys, they will not see Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths as difficult topics. Their confidence is uplifted and they will be able to go into learning more about these topics with an open mind.

a child exploring a stem education apparatus


Learning Becomes Fun 

Parents should make sure to take the effort to make learning fun. STEM toys make their job easy in this aspect. They make learning interactive and fun. When learning is fun, it is more ingrained into memory, so the skills learnt during these learning sessions are going to be held for a lifetime.

What are the Best STEM Education Toys?

STEM education toys can therefore include anything from coding to building blocks to basic math building skills. The skills taught are foundational learning skills that can easily be applied from a young age, so there are STEM education toys for children of all ages.

Gesture Control Robot

To enhance STEM learning in kids of age 10 and beyond, this robot toy is a perfect start. Packed with a detailed manual and all tools, this gesture control robot develops problem solving and critical thinking skills in children in their early years of development!

Magna-Tiles Set

Suitable for ages 3 up, this magnetic toy lets kids explore all kinds of patterns and structures. Magna Tiles are the ultimate open-ended STEM  education toys that will get hours of play as they learn about shapes, colours, patterns, cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, and so much more.

girl playing with magna tiles to enhance stem education


Code-a-Pillar Preschool Toy

This engaging STEM toy introduces different aspects of coding to kids as young as 3-6 years old. Each piece includes a dial to programme a path and there are more than 1,000 different combinations. 

ZoZoPlay Tubular Building Set

Kids aged 3+ will LOVE building their own instruments! But it doesn’t stop there as you can make so many different structures. Watch as they practice building skills, colours, creative play, and more as well as develop math and science skills through building.

Botley the Coding Robot

This 55-piece activity set is perfect for engaging the minds of kids aged 5 and up. Your child will practice critical thinking, cause and effect, coding skills, and so much more as they assemble the robot and track. 

a child coding a robot


Code N’ Play Game

Learn, play, and grow with this exciting robot toy. Children as young as 4 can practice coding on their tablets using these little robots. Watch them solve puzzles at varying difficulty levels as they press, slide, or rotate their robot helping them to learn foundational skills. 

Dash Robot

If you want to take coding to a whole new level, Dash robot is perfect. Starting at age 6, kids can give Dash voice commands to explore loops, events, conditions, and sequences. Extend play with free apps, challenge cards, and more.

Your Takeaway

This list contains some of the best learning and STEM education toys around for all ages, from toddler and preschooler to school age kids. There are fun and engaging toys for kids from toddlers to age 12+ so you are sure to find a lot of activities that not only develops but also enhances your child’s STEM learning skills from an early age.

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