STEM Education - Methods to teach STEM to your kids
How to teach your preschooler about STEM Education

How to teach your preschooler about STEM Education

STEM education


STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. It is a new educational movement that has been adopted in many elementary schools around the country. STEM education encourages children to explore science through hands-on activities and games. In this blog post, we will discuss 22 ways you can teach your preschooler about STEM Education!

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Why should preschoolers know about STEM Education?

For the following reasons, preschoolers should learn about STEM Education:

  • STEM Education is hands-on, so it will be easier for your preschooler to learn this way.
  • Your child could explore their creativity and invent new things!
  • It helps develop critical thinking skills that are important in the future.
  • Encourages children to pursue careers in STEM education fields later on in life.

All of these reasons show why every parent should encourage a preschooler to have knowledge about STEM education!

Top 22 ways to teach your preschooler about STEM Education

Provide them stem education toys

Give your preschooler a trial run with some STEM education toys. Give them some toy cars to race, or build something together like a tower out of blocks!

Let them explore new things

Let them explore things they find in nature and talk about how the natural world works. Point out pictures of plants or animals then let your child draw their own versions of these things.

Search for resources

To provide them stem education, find resources for hands-on activities that teach math skills–such as counting numbers, sorting shapes, measuring objects–online and at local libraries which are designed specifically for young children.

Ask them questions

To provide them stem education, ask questions such as what do you think will happen if we mix two colors together? What would happen if a bird flew into this container? These questions help ignite the curiosity inside every little learner.

Involve them in making recipes

To provide them stem education, involve your preschooler in the process of making a recipe from scratch by measuring, stirring, and tasting as you go along. Let them decide which ingredients to use–they may be surprised that some foods taste better than others when mixed together!

Teach them how to read

To provide them stem education, teach kids how to read analog clocks so they can tell time like an adult! This is useful for telling time during school or other activities. Take turns reading the clock with your child until he’s able to do it on his own.

Visit some nature centers

To provide them stem education, visit nature centers such as zoos, aquariums, and museums where children can explore animals up close or see live demonstrations about science topics such as meteorology, geology, and astronomy.

Encourage creativity

Encourage creativity by asking children to create a new invention or draw their favorite creature with math help.

Take them on trips

Take kids on field trips to natural wonders like parks and forests, where they can explore nature hands-on!

Teach them about robotics

STEM education

To provide them stem education, teach them about robotics so they’re ready for the future when robots take over our jobs! They’ll be prepared for working in STEM-related fields.

Teach them how to build things

To provide them stem education, teach your child how to build things using simple materials such as LEGOs, introduce them to different careers that use science, and show them what happens around town based on principles of physics.

Get them a magnifying glass

Get them magnifying glass

Give them a magnifying glass to explore the world of bugs and solve puzzles.

Introduce your child to coding

Introduce your child to coding by teaching them how to use programs that help kids learn through play, such as Scratch Jr., Blockly, or Hopscotch!

Give them open-ended toys

Give them open-ended toys like blocks or LEGOs – this allows them to use their imagination with no limitations by following directions given.

Never say No

Never say no

Provide encouragement when they try something difficult – never tell them “no” if they want an early start on learning.

Encourage them to question

Encourage them to learn by asking lots of questions and telling stories about your day. This will help their memory skills.

Age-appropriate book is important

Give them an age-appropriate book with drawings or pictures that show what happens in science

Encourage stem activities

Encourage STEM activities like playing board games that involve math and strategy for a competitive edge when they’re older.

Teach them the importance of testing out machines 

This can be anything from checking if a toy is safe for kids to making sure the iron gets hot enough.

Encourage them to cook

Encourage them to cook

Let them do some of the cooking, like stirring and measuring ingredients so that they learn about math while keeping safe from hot pans!

Basics of coding are important

To provide them stem education, teach them the basics of coding so that they can build their own websites and apps.

Encourage reading books

STEM education

Encourage reading books with big words to teach vocabulary skills as well as interest in challenging topics.

Let your preschoolers experiment by doing things themselves without being told what to do every step of the way. They’ll have fun exploring on their own while learning new skills at the same time.


We hope that these 22 STEM education activities for preschoolers will encourage you to use your time together with your child as an educational opportunity. Remember, no matter how young they are, children learn through play and exploration. These lessons can be fun ways to introduce the concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math into a more playful setting while also building early literacy skills like reading comprehension and vocabulary expansion! If you have any questions about what we’ve covered here today or if there is anything else we can help you out with in regards to education at home or school, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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