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Make Your Own Sponge Water Bombs

Make Your Own Sponge Water Bombs

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Summers are around the corner, and most parents are worried about engaging their kids during this time. Of course, there are endless craft and extracurricular classes, but what about the time when they are home. You want to give them some screen-free time. Kids love to stay glued to their TV, video games, or worse, mobile phone or tablet screens. But as a parent, we know that it is extremely unhealthy. 

sponge water bombs

So, how about some creative and fun ways to engage them this summer. There are many art and craft activities for kids you can choose from and engage in productive activities with your kids. You all must have heard about water balloons. Your kids might have played with them numerous times too. But how about we suggest an alternative for the same. This one is highly efficient for both parents and the kids. 

Let’s have a look. 

How about a water sponge game? We are talking about the sponge water balloons. Sponge water balloons are one of the best ways to keep your kid engaged without damaging the environment and even protecting yourself. 

Let’s begin by understanding how to make it and what all you will need. 

sponge water bombs

How to make Sponge Water Bombs 

Start with the material that you will need to make sponge water bombs. 

  1. 5-6 colored sponges 
  2. A regular white-colored ribbon 
  3. A glass of water 
  4. Scissors 
  5. Scale 

Though all of the products mentioned above are easily available at home, in case you still want to buy this exclusively for your kid, then have a look at the arts and craft kit available at the Sparklebox. It contains most of these products and much more just for your kids. 

A detailed process of Sponge Water Bombs DIY  

  1. Measure all the colored sponges up to 15 cm in length. 
  2. Cut them precisely in the same size using the ruler. Ensure that a parent does this process, or at least a child does this under a parent’s supervision. 
  3. Arrange all the sponges together in the vertical position.
  4. Tie them together with a white-colored ribbon.
  5. Pull the sponges near one another so that a tight round ball is formed. And your very own sponge water bombs are ready. 
  6. Immerse them in a glass of water.
  7. And now, throw the water or the sponge water ball on each other and enjoy your summers. 
sponge water bombs

This is one of the simplest and cost-effective ways of making sponge water bombs. So, whenever you are thinking of how to make water bombs refer to the above tutorial. 

The internet is filled with a thousand tutorials of sponge water bombs. But what we have given here is one of the best and super fast ways of making the sponge water bombs. Even your kids will be able to make this without much fuss. 

Now, here comes the important part. You won’t even realize this, but homemade water bombs have a greater advantage than water balloons. Yes, this is 100% true. Why, well, let’s have a look – 

  1. Water balloons use up and ultimately waste too much water. There is no way to save up this water. In contrast, this is not the case with these DIY water sponge balloons. They hardly will take a glass of water. 
  2. Next, water balloons might hurt your kids. And in the worst cases, it might hurt an adult too. When thrown from a distance, water balloons can cause accidents. But these sponge water bombs are relatively lightweight, and thus, there is no fear of any such accidents. 
sponge water bombs
  1. Water Balloons get wasted quite soon. You fill them with water now, and then your kid throws it, it bursts and then finishes. But in the case of water sponge bombs, the story is entirely different. You can reuse these water sponge bombs for the next year too. Perfect in today’s recycling age, right? 
  2. When you see these water sponge bombs’ long shelf life, you will realise their cost-effectiveness. And the best part is that the materials required to make this is available at home easily, so you won’t even need to buy them. 
sponge water bombs


So, how about spending time with your kids and making these sponge water bombs. We are sure you and your kids are going to love this. Though there are many art and craft activities for kids, this is one of the super fun and creative ways of spending time with your kid. 

Let us know of any such fun experiment you did with your kid recently. We would love to know more about the same and even share it with fellow parents. We are sure they will love it too. Mention such fun learning experiments in the comments down below. 

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