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10 Skill-Building Activities For Your Child

10 Skill-Building Activities For Your Child

Skill-building activities

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As a parent, you often wonder what skill your child is good at and need to work on. It can be challenging for you to figure out the exact skill set your child needs help with, especially if you are not trained in skill-building. Here are ten skill-building activities for children. It will help you understand your child’s skillset better and help them develop the skills they need the most help with.

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1) Watch a Boxing Match:

Have your child watch a boxing match and ask them to point out what skill the boxers are using. For example, a skill such as motor skills, stamina, flexibility, balance, and many more skills that come into play during boxing matches can be pointed out by kids as they watch a fight. You can print out pictures of the skill-building activities your child is watching, so they also have something to look at. It will help with their visual memory along with visual perception skills, which are very important for children

Skill-building activities for your kids

2) Draw a Skill-Building Scene

This activity will give you a clear understanding of what kind of skill-building activities your child needs help with most. Ask them to draw a scene where skill-building is taking place. You can then talk to them about the skill they are choosing to draw and help them with their skill-building activity related needs, which you can find out by asking what skill they think the character in the picture is working on

You can sit down with your child for skill-building activities to build a skill-building scene based on their drawing. It will give them an opportunity for creativity and allow them to learn about different kinds of skills displayed through play. Here are some ideas that you can use, but ask your child for input to have more control over skill-building activities for the kid at home.

3) Build a skill-building scene together

Skill-building tips for kids


4) Play skill-building board games

Board games such as Operation and Candyland promote skill development such as fine motor skill development and planning. These skillsets can get practised further by asking your child to set up the board game before playing it or even building a skill-building scene for their toys.

5) Play skill-building video games

Cognitive skill-building video games allow children to work on thinking skills such as problem solving and reasoning. Ask your child if they want to try out some cognitive skill-building video games together. 

6) Make learning fun during skill-building activities

When you make learning fun, kids are more likely to engage in them and take an interest in what they’re doing, which helps them improve their skill-building skills. Discussing the skill-building activities with your child will also help them engage with it.

7) Use skill-building activities to teach life lessons

During skill-building exercises, you can help your child practice real-life skill lessons. Let’s say that they are working on improving their math skill. For example – depending on their age, you can have them learn something new about investing or maybe even how to be thrifty.

How to build the skills of your child


8) Prepare for skill-building activities ahead of time

Preparation helps build skills too! Before beginning a skill builder activity, ask if your child knows what they’re supposed to do and look out for any difficulties that may crop up. You may have to lead the skill-building activity with younger children because they don’t yet have the thinking skill necessary to complete it. But with tweens and teenagers, try asking open-ended questions like, “What do you think you should do?” or “Have you ever done this skill builder activity before?”

How to enhance the skills of your child


9) Involve your child in skill-building activities that interest them

Find out what they love (besides video games and chocolate cake) and build their skills in those areas. Each skill builder activity targets different interests. For example, if your kid loves basketball, then maybe skill-building activities involving sports would help them become better players and give their brains the boost they need. If math is more your child’s strong suit, but dancing is their passion, skill-building through dance could be perfect for them.


10) Try skill builder activities that work on both physical and mental skill development

Your child’s teacher probably judges their grade based on the subject areas they need to improve in, like math or reading. But what if your kid is good at these subjects but fails the test because they lack physical coordination? The skill builder activity “Bean Bags” allows for physical and mental skill-building by working on hand-eye coordination while also using math to develop cognitive skills. There are skill builder activities for all types of skill development: social, emotional, creative, motor.


Skill enhancement activities for kids

Skill-building activities for kids help them learn and develop skills that will help them later on in life. Learning to tie your shoe may seem like a skill you’ll never use, but one day it will come in handy if your other lace breaks and you need to run out of the house! Skill builder activities provide kids with: improved self-esteem, improved test grades or other standardized tests, and increased confidence.

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