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Your Guide to Science Project Ideas for Secondary and Higher secondary students

Your Guide to Science Project Ideas for Secondary and Higher secondary students

Science Project Ideas for seconday students

Science Project Ideas Every Kid Needs!

If there is one subject that can get your child to be more explorative, it’s science. Science is a subject that you can learn more by experiencing it. It holds all the secrets of the world and even about how our bodies function! To encourage better learning skills, it’s always recommended to have practical knowledge. The internet is filled with science project ideas for kids of all ages hat are innovative and new! But which one would be perfect for your child and add to their curiosity? Let’s dive in and check out a few interesting science projects you can try at home!

Science Project Ideas for Kids- the Why and How?

Why don’t we just let our kids learn whatever they can at school and come home? Schools are equipped with laboratories after all, right? Well, wrong. Now that schools are all closed and lab classes have moved from an actual physical classroom to online spaces, there are no more apparatus’s you can use in the laboratory or a professional observing the students. It is quite obvious what our online education lacks in now and it is practicality. Coming up with new science project ideas is the need of the hour so that students can to have a more well-rounded experience of education. And that they can do through trying their hand with the different fun experiments. All we, as parents, can do is ensure that they can try out experiments fit for their age safely. And this can be done through guided kits or online tutorials.

But what kind of science project ideas can you make use of? What is often forgotten is how science projects for class 6 are going to be different from the science project ideas of class 8. Make sure your child has picked the right experiment that is up to their level. To break down today’s blog, let’s keep our focus on children from secondary and higher secondary classes and answer questions like what should science projects of class 9 students be like!

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To start off with, it’s always best to ensure that all your science project ideas are certified and picked out by a professional in the field of academics so that it fits right into the curriculum. Some pointers can be checking for certification to make sure it has come from a reputed individual who knows the best for your child.

Science Project Ideas from Classes 6 to 9

Now to break down grade wise and check out some easy science project ideas and what your child should have learnt:

Class 6:

Your child is just transitioning into growing up to understand more complex science concepts, in this stage it is important to give them exposure to different topics like the Traffic Light experiment.  There is also the very popular science project for class 6 which is based on winnowing. Winnowing is basically an experiment which tells you how lighter objects go a better distance than the heavier ones, in this case the grain is heavy and the husk is lighter.

Class 7:

Understanding biology and healthy eating is really important. Including educating kids on nutrition is apt at this age as they are at a level where they can grasp these concepts. Other than that filtration, images formed by different kinds of mirrors etc., can be one of the ideal science project ideas to start when it comes to this age group.

Class 8:

At this age, learning hands on skills on how to build things like projectors come into play! Science project ideas for class 8 students can play around with the concept of light. Other activities can be observing the germination of seeds and how plants come into existence and the science behind the human ear! This is the age your child forms an important impression of what she wants to pursue in his or her advanced studies, so it is an important part of their development.

Let's learn more with science project ideas


Class 9:

Science project ideas for class 9 students are a little more advanced. Principles such as that of Archimedes, law of inertia and osmosis is one of the different takeaways your child can have at this age. By now a buzzing teen with perhaps a great interest in science, the right activities at this age help the child in gaining more experience with hands on science and hence make him or her love the subject more. This can also help them understand concepts better so that they can apply it better in their advanced classes.


What matters in the end isn’t whether your child is a topper in the written exams. What matters the most is to make sure that your child knows what the concepts are in real life. And also making sure that they have fun when doing it is priority too! It is important to allow children to have the freedom to do what they want. Experiment different concepts and feed their curiosity with diverse science project ideas every now and then! This is the best gift that we, as parents, can give our children!

Tell us in the comments what is the most interesting science project your child has tried!

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