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Science Experiments for Kids: Fire Extinguisher

Science Experiments for Kids: Fire Extinguisher

Science Experiments for Kids
science experiment for kids


Have you ever tried to put a candle out without actually blowing it? Well, it might sound strange, but it is 100% possible. This is a very simple and interesting chemical reaction. In science, we call it combustion. The three major factors that initiate combustion are – Oxygen, fuel, and heat. When these three together form, then a combustion triangle is formed. This is how you can prepare a household fire extinguisher. A household fire extinguisher uses chemicals and carbon dioxide, which can be used to put on large fires. Let’s have a look at the science experiments for kids. 

Precautions Needed Before Conducting Various Science Experiments for Kids

For home-based science experiments for kids, some important tips must be followed – 

preauction to take before Science Experiments for Kids
  1. Fire safety should be taken seriously. And thus, an elder must supervise the kid while doing these very simple science experiments. 
  2. Since this fire extinguisher involves chemicals and open flame, it is not considered safe for children. Thus, make sure that for this science experiment for kids, small children must maintain distance. 
  3. Ensure that you don’t add a lot of vinegar to the container. Even baking soda can also do the same work of reducing the pressure in building too much. 
  4. Make sure that you handle the container carefully so that the carbon dioxide does not get released into the atmosphere. 
  5. You must remember that carbon dioxide is completely odorless and colorless. You will not be able to see it once it is releasing, but you will notice once it gets released. 

That was all about the precautions. Now let’s find out about the ingredients. 

Science Experiments for Kids being conducted

Ingredients Required

Here we will suggest to you the complete list of ingredients for this science experiment for kids – 

  1. Clean Bottle (With a hole punched in the jar) 
  2. Baking Soda 
  3. Vinegar 
  4. Candle 
  5. Matchstick 
  6. Paper Towels 

Model of Fire Extinguisher

Let’s have a complete look at how to make a model of fire extinguisher easy – 

  1. Place the paper towel under the jar so that it can easily be removed in any case the ingredient falls off. 
  2. Half fill the jar with the vinegar. 
  3. Add a spoon of baking soda into the glass. In case you are using the lid, screw it tightly. 
  4. Here the mixture is making bubble and foam sounds. Begin by lighting the candle with a matchstick. 
  5. Place the container right next to the flame. Make sure that you take out only the gas but not the liquid. In case you are using the lid, which has a flame, then make sure that you target the flame towards the hole only. 
  6. And you will be amazed to see that the candle will blow out gradually. 
  7. And finally, clean the paper towel with any left-out ingredients. 

What Is the Science Behind This Simple Homemade Fire Extinguisher?

fire extinguisher use

Here we are conducting a simple homemade experiment. Under this, we are using carbon dioxide, which is quite heavier when compared to oxygen. This is the principal catalyzing factor of this experiment. This only caused the fire to die because of the absence of oxygen. 

Now, here we can try some simple, fun science experiments for kids keeping in mind the age, guidance and supervision required. Try some easy kitchen science experiments. You can try different measurements of vinegar and baking soda and see what happens next. You can try this experiment with a smaller bottle as well. In this smaller bottle, there will be very little room for carbon dioxide, and this will increase the pressure and thus make it shoot as well. And in case you are aiming towards the fire extinguisher, place the straw in the hole of your lid, and then you can tighten it with the duck tape. This is one of the simple kids’ science project ideas. 

Why Do You Need Science Experiments for Kids?

fire extinguisher - Science Experiments for Kids

In case your child enjoys science, then you can try many more science experiments for kids as well. Try some simple and homemade science experiments which you or your kids will love. 

This will increase the bonding time between the kids and add up to their knowledge as well. Not to forget this is a fun way of learning and improving the concentration of kids. Try to give some sort of independence to your kids. This will make them confident as well as boost their creativity as well. 


Make sure that you try such an invisible fire extinguisher at home. Let us know if you have done anything similar to science experiments for kids. We would love to hear more about the same. 

You can also have a look at the science experiments for kids on Sparklebox. Even grade-wise, some other experiments and craft boxes are also available at quite affordable prices. Have a look at them and give something interesting to your kids. 

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