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7 Amazing Science Experiments At Home

7 Amazing Science Experiments At Home

science experiments at home for kids of all ages


We all know that play is one of the best ways to teach children various things. There are many fun activities that help develop important skills like language and memory. But also, there are other things that can be learned in a fun way: Science Experiments at Home!

If your little one is fascinated by science experiments at home or you see him passionate about this wide world without limits, then give him a push of joy and knowledge! He can understand how different things work thanks to these science experiments at home for kids. There is a wide variety of experiments for children, games to motivate the curiosity of discovery.

Here we will list down 7 amazing science experiments for kids at home so they can enjoy their stay.

7 Amazing Science Experiments At Home

Pepper and soap

It involves mixing black pepper with water on a plate: the child with dirty hands touches it and nothing happens. However, when you handle the soap, your fingers repel the previous mixture and this is because the soap decreases the surface tension between the peppercorns and the surface of the water. This experiment has gone viral on social networks and works as an example to teach the little ones the importance of washing their hands well to avoid any contagion of viruses, although the phenomenon actually occurs due to the surface tension of the water.

The molecules of the liquid are bound together and when the settled pepper is touched with soap (a surfactant), the attraction of the molecules is broken, causing the pepper to move to the edges of the plate because it has nowhere to hold. These kinds of science experiments for class 3 kids are fun and will help them explore new topics.

science experiments at home to have fun

Waterproof sand

Especially to surprise children, although it also makes an impression on adults as well, this experiment allows you to create sand that does not get wet, also commonly known as magic sand. How cool isn’t it? For this you will need, in addition to sand, water, a tray or container, food color and a water resistant spray (used to waterproof boots or outdoor furniture). The homemade magic sand is a children’s craft  that can be adapted to children of all ages. Both primary and infant. Science experiments at home for class 3 are available on the net which are fun and an amazing source that gives them knowledge about science.

Vinegar and baking soda volcano

Prepare a plastic bottle with a cap, baking soda, vinegar, water and a tray to place the volcano. To make it more fun, children can create their own volcano, decorating the bottle with clay and coloring. Once everything is assembled and decorated, the procedure is very simple. Fill the water bottle halfway, add two teaspoons of baking soda , add the vinegar and… bang! So children will learn chemical reactions.

easy science experiments at home can be a learning process for kids

Crystal letters

The materials that will be needed are thread, a pencil, plastic container, pipe cleaner, scissor, measuring jug, food color and sodium percarbonate (available on super markets). First you have to shape the pipe cleaner and make it into the letters you want. Then tie it with the thread and attach it to the pencil. Now heat a pot of water, keepit to boil. Now with a measuring jug, add 750 ml of boiling water into the container and add 9 tablespoons of sodium percarbonate and dissolve it (3 tablespoons for every 250 ml of water). Lastly, dip the pipe cleaner in the shape of the letter you want into the liquid without touching the sides and keep it overnight. 

Tadaa! Your crystal letter is ready. There are many science experiments at home for class 4 kids which can prepare them for their future. 

A cloud in class

To facilitate the class explanation of the process by which clouds are formed,  you can take a plastic bottle, an air pump and a few drops of alcohol. You simply pump the air into the plastic bottle, which will release the pressure, and as the air cools, the water vapor will begin to condense. In just a few seconds you will have your cloud  inside the bottle. Apart from these there are educational toys for 3 year old India that are very helpful in their overall development.

The jumping egg

This activity consists of leaving an egg without a shell through a chemical reaction and making it bounce . To do this, prepare a glass jar with a lid, an egg and vinegar. First, put the egg in the jar with vinegar, close and let it rest for about two days. When you remove it, you will see that the shell has dissolved so that now the egg is more elastic and does not break so easily. With this exercise you will be able to illustrate various scientific concepts such as solutions, acids, and chemical reactions.

Science experiments at home can help a child discover patience

Create a rainbow

When the rainbow is visible in the sky, the children express their enthusiasm. In order for you to understand how and why a band with seven colors appears in the sky, it is best to experiment and create your own . The materials that are needed are: a mirror, scissors, water, a flashlight and that the class is completely dark. In this link is the explanation of the steps to follow and, in addition, a theoretical part is included that shows how light travels through different waves.


Games and science experiments at home are exciting activities, capturing the attention of young and old. Science and the mechanisms that regulate nature and the world can be easily learned thanks to them. They are perfect tools to understand reality. 

Behind the experiments is what is called ” Problem-Based Learning ” (PBL ). It is a methodology applied in many educational centers, whose main purpose is to ensure that children actively participate in school activities seeking answers to certain problems or real phenomena. Through these activities, children are actors in the learning process: they develop hypotheses, identify consequences, request additional information, and understand the mechanisms that govern reality, just like in all these science experiments at home! Apart from these there are also many Educational Toys Online that are based on real science toys for kids. 

Let us know which science experiments at home have you already tried?

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