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Science Experiment Webinar

Science Experiment Webinar

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Science Experiment Webinar

People tend to remember things more vividly when they are involved in the action. Similarly, students in a home environment must have hands-on experience and must clearly understand the process before learning the subject. Interactive sessions ensure that the trainees are not just watching the content, but are actively participating.

SparkleBox brings to you a series of webinars based on activities/experiments for students . We are introducing weekly webinars where Science activities/experiments will be demonstrated to students along with providing assistance to them to perform the activities/experiments simultaneously at home.

This interactive sessions can give a huge boost to develop interest in science as students are less exposed to practical work in school these days.

These webinars will be carried out via Zoom app for which the students (above 6 years) need to register beforehand. Students will also be instructed to get the materials to be used for experiments beforehand, so that they don’t face any problem while performing the experiment on their own.

This webinar will be hosted on Saturday, 12th December 2020 from 5 pm on  “Density Different Liquids.” Students can register for this following the link given below and engage themselves to an evening of productivity and learning. No charges applied.

Link for registration :


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