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Role of Parents in Early Childhood Education of Their Kids!

Role of Parents in Early Childhood Education of Their Kids!

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A child’s relationship with the parent is the most beautiful and endearing one. It is the parents who mould their kids at the early stages of life and play a crucial role in determining the child’s future. Personality development, ethics and morals are what kids learn from their parents during early childhood education. They also replicate what they see in the former and mostly do what they are taught.

Importance of Early Childhood Education

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Apart from that, parental guidance in early childhood education is very important. There can be no greater teacher than a parent at this stage. The schools obviously have a huge role in proving knowledge to the child but it remains the parents’ role to give them a proper shape and nurture with proper guidance.

It becomes very difficult for working parents to look at their child’s progress regularly or to help him/her in their lessons. But with due importance to their personal career, parents should take out a little time from their daily schedule to sit with the kid, interact with them and help them in their early childhood education.

The parent-child relationship hugely improves by this practice. Also, parents get to see their child more closely, their liking, disliking and desires. Important lessons about life can be provided by parents at this age which can stay in the child for a lifetime. Also, the intent and guidance with which a parent will teach will remain unmatched and the child will enjoy nothing more than it.

Activity-based Early Childhood Education

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There should also be fun in what a child learns during early childhood education. Otherwise, their interest in learning won’t grow and they will be starting to have fear in studies. The parents hence should introduce their children to activity-based learning and spend some quality time with them in helping them performing the activities there. The child will come out learning the topic much in-depth and along with that enjoy some brilliant moments with their parents.

Sparklebox brings a range of activity kits for children on the subjects of Math, Science, Literacy and Art n Craft, which are available grade-wise and mapped according to the syllabus. We at Sparklebox suggest that a child can learn maximum from our kit with parental guidance and support. We believe that parents would also enjoy playing with their kids using the Sparklebox kits and at the same time teach them important lessons from the kits as well.

Order a kit of your child’s favourite subject and guide them to the world of activity-based fun early childhood education.


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