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12 Amazing Robot Toys For Kids They Will Love!

12 Amazing Robot Toys For Kids They Will Love!

Robot Toys For Kids


It’s science time! Technology has revolutionized a lot from the past period. The evidence of this fast-paced evolution is the introduction of robot toys for kids in the life of your preschoolers.

The Importance Of Robot Toys For Kids:

Robots have been around for a long time, and they’re just as popular now as ever. The key concepts and ideas involved in robotics help give your toddlers holistic development. With these incredible resources, your child can learn about science while having fun with their toys! Robots for kids have the intelligence to do everything -they might help people in science experiments or clean up their room. The emerging industries nowadays depend greatly on such technologies. As today’s toddlers are the natives of technology, it is essential for them to understand such concepts better. Robot Toys for kids are a great way to make kids understand their functioning and role in the changing economies and workplace in the market.

In this blog post, we explore the history of robotics and highlight some of the most innovative science projects in development today. Here are 16 robot toys for kids.

16 Great Robot Toys For Kids

There are many robot toys in the market, but these are our favourites. 

a girl building robot toys for kids


One of my favourite robot toy sets is ZOOB, a set that lets kids build their own robots and animals with building pieces that snap together without any glue or tools required! It’s the perfect way for little ones who love science and playtime.

Novie Robot:

These robot toys for kids come with a red and white striped shirt that’s the perfect size for little hands. Novie is full of personality, waddles around like a duck when he moves, can make silly sounds or say “I love you” in English or Spanish (!), and teaches kids about science concepts while they play.


The Tickle robot toys for kids are small, green and blue (or purple) round bots with googly eyes that wiggle up and down when tickled. It can also make silly sounds.


These soft yellow robots for kids have an expressive face that changes colour to reflect their moods – happy, sad or tired from playing too long -and it knows when it’s being tickled! Nemo plays lots of interactive games with kids and can respond to commands.

Puppy Bot:

PuppyBot is a friendly, soft robot dog with fun features like blinking eyes, furry ears, nose and tail. It responds when petted or scruffed by moving its head up or down.


Mimi is a green and white robot with large eyes that light up when it senses you. When petted or stroked, it purrs like any other kitty!


Sparki has four interactive modes – science mode, music mode, art studio mode (with a drawing board) and intuitive guessing games mode.

two kids surprised to see a robot


Dino is a giant, loveable dinosaur with blinking eyes and mouth movements when it talks! It responds to touch by moving its head up or down, rotating in different directions, and roaring – just like an animal would!

Robot Dancer:

Robot Dancers have various dance moves and are great for teaching kids about science, creativity, and learning.


Inkblots are interactive robots for kids with three modes – drawing mode, guess what I’m thinking mode, or you can create your own inkblot game!

Crazy Frog:

Crazy frog is one of the best programmable robot toys with remote control for kids who can dance, create science experiments, or do an interactive drawing session!

Robot Gingerbread House Maker:

Robot gingerbread house makers bake the most delicious-looking cookies and houses. It’s perfect for teaching kids about creativity and science while letting them design their own dream home!

Why Is It Important For Parents To Introduce Robot Toys To Kids Early?

a girl building a robot

It is believed that humans’ learning and retention abilities differ with age. Research has shown that humans have a faster learning capacity at an early age than adults. Introducing such technical concepts in the initial stages of growth helps grasp and understand them correctly. As today’s era is run around artificial intelligence and robotics, it becomes crucial for parents to introduce activities and educational toys to their kids, which will help them build their interest in it. These robot toys for kids will help them survive in the changing market scenario.

Benefits Of Robot Toys For Kids

a girl holding robot toys for kids

These are the following benefits that have been mentioned below:

  • Robot toys for kids lead to the holistic development of kids.
  • It helps them to understand science concepts more clearly.
  • Robots help kids develop their motor skills.
  • It also allows them to use their imaginative skills in the field of technology.
  • These toys also enhance the learning ability of the kids.


That concludes our list of 12 educational robots. Hopefully, these robot toys for kids have piqued your interest and inspired you to bring some innovative STEM learning at home with loved ones.

We also offer professional development opportunities so teachers can learn more about integrating robotics and STEAM concepts across disciplines. In addition, we also provide robotic kits for your toddlers to build their interest at

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