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9 Exciting Robot Science Projects For Kids

9 Exciting Robot Science Projects For Kids

9 Exciting Robot Science Projects For Kids


Robotics is a complex and fascinating field. It’s also one of the most fast-growing career fields as robotics are used in more and more industries. With that said, many robotics projects can be quickly done by kids with simple science project kits! In this blog post, we’ll go over some of these robot science projects for kids you can do at home with your family to get excited about robotics!

What Are The Benefits Of Robot Projects For Kids?

Robotics is the technology and science of robotics. It can be used in many industries, but it’s also great for exploring robotics and learning about robotics!

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There are many reasons to get your child interested in robotics. Some of them include:

  1. Robotics is set to be a significant part of future technologies.
  2. Kids learn so much from just exploring robots – including engineering principles, computer programming skills, math concepts such as geometry and algebra, etc.
  3. Robots are used more than ever these days because they have all sorts of different uses over time! In the past, they were just used to doing repetitive tasks that humans couldn’t or didn’t want to do.
  4. Robotics is an engaging way for kids and adults to learn about robotics engineering principles such as mechanical systems, programming, etc., which are essential skills in today’s world!

Robotics projects can be a lot of fun to try, and they’re also great for learning about robotics. With these kits, you can do simple robot science projects for kids that teach things like how gears work or how to program a robot!

Top Robot Science Projects For Kids

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There are lots of different robot science projects for kids that a family or class could explore together. Here are just a few:


There are many robot science projects for kids but Bristlebots are the most interesting one. Bristlebots is a robotics project that will teach you about how gears work and the effects of friction. They’re really simple to make – use some materials like tape, a toothpick, pipe cleaners or straws, and balsa wood!

Lego Mindstorms EVO Robots

Another interesting robot science projects for kids are Mind storms EVO Robots. This robotics project is for older kids who already know about programming to control their robotics projects with code using visual blocks. You can also buy robotics kits that come pre-programmed, so they don’t need any input from you!

LEGO WeDo Robotics Kit

The LEGO WeDO Robotics kit is designed especially for younger children (ages six through nine). The project includes topics like programming robotics through drag-and-drop coding.

Homemade Propeller Car

Robot science projects for kids require a lot of skill and patience. This robotics project needs kids to attach two propellers, four wheels, an engine with a battery pack, handlebars, a steering wheel, and some other parts.

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Paper Plate Windmill Robot

This science project requires a paper plate, some scissors, tape or glue, and three pencils. They need to cut out the shape of a windmill from the piece of paper, so it’s symmetrical on both sides, then attach one end of each pencil with adhesive around the edge of that rough outline. Finally, they’ll put two pieces of tape in a place where an axle would go.

Mobile Controlled Robot

This project requires a sheet of paper, markers, or crayons to draw the plan for their robot, an empty soda bottle with both ends cut off, some string, and two straws. First, tape one end of each straw in place on either side of the top of the paper, so it looks like a mouthpiece, then fill up the rest with rice. Finally, attach one end of the string at each side to make sure that everything is secure.

The Cogwheel Robot

To do this, you require a large cereal box, two straws or pipe cleaners for “wheels,” some string, and markers. First, they’ll cut off the bottom of the cereal box and then turn it upside down to make sure their drawing is right-side up. Next, they’ll draw a diagram of what they want on one end of the paper with arrows indicating where each cog should go so that when you put them all together, every cog will fit in exactly like a puzzle piece.

The Spinning Top Robot

To do this project, you’ll need a small juice can lid, three straws or pipe cleaners for wheels, several rubber bands cut down to about four inches long each, and markers. They will place one band around all three straws/pipe cleaners to form what is known as a “wheel.” They will then connect two of the wheels to their straws/pipe cleaners using another rubber band. For this robotics project, they’ll need to make three more wheels for them to work correctly.

The Line Following Robot

Kids will cut out small strips from construction paper about six inches long by one inch wide to create these robot science projects for kids. They will glue these to the bottom of a pencil, then attach two more to each end for balance with tape or rubber bands. The straws/pipe cleaners work as wheels on this robot, and when they put it all together, they can use their fingers to guide the robot across any flat surface!

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Robot science projects for kids are awesome fun and interactive ways for kids to learn more about STEM subjects! Robotic kits help children develop problem-solving skills by offering them many different engineering challenges that they might not find elsewhere. It also teaches students teamwork and gives them access to technology like computers or tablets, which may be too expensive on their own without parents’ help.

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