Teach Kids About Recycling with These Crafts for Kids
5 Easy Recycle Crafts for Kids

5 Easy Recycle Crafts for Kids

Kids Recycling crafts

Teach Importance of Recycling with Crafts for Kids

Outside our homes, there is always an area somewhere which automatically becomes an open dump yard for and by the people living nearby. What existed before that huge pile of waste ‘appeared’ out of nowhere – no one knows! My 6 year old daughter and I were passing by one such dump yard the other day and she asked me “Mom, why does no one clean this? Why does it keep increasing everyday?” I told her that people keep buying new things and do not think of recycling products and so this pile of waste keeps getting bigger and bigger. 

“Can we reduce it?” she asked me while staring at the dump. And that’s when it clicked me! Why not teach our kids the importance of recycling products from the things we use at home! And to make it fun and engaging, we can make recycling crafts for kids. 

waste in India can be reduced by recycling crafts for kids


“A society is not only defined by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy.”

– John Sawhill

My daughter loves to paint! And so we decided to plan out our weekend by creating recycled crafts for kids to help her understand the meaning of Refuse, Reuse and Reduce. After all, our kids are the future of our planet. Mother Earth needs to be healthy enough to nurture our kids, right?

5 Recycle Crafts for Kids


We tried out these 5 super easy educational crafts for kids over the weekend and thought to share with all of you so that you can make your kids aware about the environment too. Make sure you have (lots of!) glue at home!

Bottle Cap Fish

Plastic bottles are in abundance in every household. Get hold of their caps and get crafty! Take a few (we took 3) plastic bottle caps and paint it in different bright colors. While you leave them aside to dry, cut out similar coloured triangulars from chart or craft paper. This would make the body of the fish. Stick these with glue on a thick blue sheet of paper.

Take a coin-sized amount of glue in a small bowl. Once your caps have dried, dip its ring in the glue and stick it on the triangular body of the fish on the paper. Press it firmly. Now is the time to get super creative! We took a straw and dipped it in white paint to create water bubbles around the fishes. You can draw gills of the fish with a marker too or use glitter to create patterns on them! That’s it – your recycled bottle capped fishes are ready to swim!

Plastic Bottle Hanging Planter


If this isn’t upcycling plastic bottles, I don’t know what is! Take a big plastic bottle, like the one used for cold drinks, and clean it out completely. Using a knife or a blade, cut out a portion in the middle of the bottle for the plant to grow. For this, I’d suggest parents to assist their kids for safety reasons.

Make 4 holes on each side of the bottle, two on top of the cut-out and two in the bottom. Take a strong string or thin rope to hold the bottle in place when hanging. Tie the two ends tightly to ensure firm grip. Put soil and seeds of the flowers your kids would want to grow and hang it in a place where it would get enough sunlight.

That’s it! Your plastic bottle planter craft for kids is ready to grow into a beautiful flower plant someday. Do not forget to water it daily!

Environment Friendly Tic Tac Toe

Let go of playing tic tac toe at the back of your textbooks and make a craft for kids to play it in a greener way! Take a small jute bag and draw out the lines for tic tac toe with a permanent marker. Take 9 plastic bottle caps and draw out ‘X’ and ‘O’ on it with different colors. 

Get, set, play! Your environment friendly game is ready. Guess what? After playing you can store those bottle caps inside the jute bag and tie it with a string to never lose a piece of it! 

Water Bottle Flowers 

make plastic bottle flower crafts for kids to educate them about recycling


These flowers do not need water to bloom in your favourite vase! Take a few water bottles and cut out the bottom portion of each. You’ll notice that they look like flowers. You can use different sizes to add variety to your crafts for kids. Paint them in eye-catching colors and leave aside to dry. We painted the middle of the flower as black to signify its bud but you can choose any colour you want. 

Take the same number of straws as the flowers and stick them with glue to create the stem of the flowers. We cut out a few petals from old newspapers and coloured them green to add more texture to the flowers! It’s time to put in the vase and add more beauty to your house – greener in its own way!

Toilet Paper Roll House

You can even use kitchen rolls or foil paper rolls to make this recycled craft for kids. Paint the rolls in different colours  and leave out to dry. Take a small piece of cardboard and fold it to create a triangular shaped roof for the house. Once the roll has dried, make a few windows and a door on it to make it look like a house.

And your toilet paper roll buildings are ready to house essential items like hidden candies for your little munchkins! (That’s what I made it for!)

Take the World and Paint it Green!

 children recycling products to create a greener planet Earth

Creativity can be used in many different ways. I tried to take this small step of using it to educate my daughter about the harmful effects of plastic and how much it adds to our daily waste. You might think “But the plastic pollution is not going to be reduced by recycling a few bottles while making crafts for kids!” 

Every step counts – is what I believe! And that is why I am sharing my experience with all parents so that they can pass the baton to their children and educate them about the need to make our planet a greener place, for everyone’s good! Hope you enjoy performing these art and craft activities with your little creative tots 🙂


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