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Top 10 Tips to Encourage Reading Habits for Kids

Top 10 Tips to Encourage Reading Habits for Kids

Top 10 Tips to Encourage Reading Habits for Kids


As a parent, the number one goal is to do our best to help prepare our kids for their future. Reading can be an excellent way to learn how to identify and solve problems they will encounter as adults. It also helps them build vocabulary and encourages reading habits for kids. But sometimes, it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to getting your kids interested in reading. This blog post shares ten tips on encouraging reading habits for kids!

Why Should Parents Encourage Reading Habits For Kids From An Early Age?

ways to Encourage Reading Habits for Kids

The benefits of encouraging reading habits for kids include:

  1. Increasing vocabulary.
  2. Developing compassion as kids identify with characters and understand what is going on in the story.
  3. Improving comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Children are exposed to a wide range of new words that don’t always come up in conversation when children read. They also learn about different cultures and people’s lives through the books they read. Reading is an important family activity because it creates opportunities for parents and kids to spend time engaged in activities together. It can be challenging for families to find things to do together as adults have busy schedules full of work or other commitments like sports teams, volunteering events, etc., but reading provides a great opportunity!

Top 10 Tips To Encourage Reading Habits For Kids

a kid reading on bed

Make Reading A Family Event

This is one of the best tips to encourage reading habits for kids. When parents and kids read together, they are more likely to get excited about it. It can be as simple as reading aloud a few children’s books before bedtime or going on a family trip that takes them through one of their favourite book series.

Put Your Child’s Interest At The Forefront

When you know what content excites your children, use those topics or genres to start conversations about books. You might not even realize how much information is stored away, just waiting to be pulled from memory when you’re talking with your children! This will make it easier for both parties to find something new and exciting, having an interest in common.

Let Them Choose Their Reading Material

The best way to encourage reading habits for kids and to feel ownership over their reading material is by choosing which one they want on their own time. This could mean browsing through a bookstore together and letting them pick out whichever book they like best without any pressure whatsoever or maybe even setting up a pre-approved list of books that they’re allowed to choose from whenever you go out.

Start With A Movie Or Tv Show Tie-In Book

Many children will be more likely to read if it’s something they’re already familiar with, so start by looking for a movie or TV show tie-in book.

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Make Time Apart From Electronics And Screen Time For Reading

Children are more likely to become discouraged about reading when they have little time on their hands to do it and end up spending most of the day in front of screens. Giving them chunks of time apart from electronics will help encourage them to read during these periods; this means fitting reading into your child’s daily life, not vice versa.

Make Reading A Priority

We know how busy our lives get with work, family life, household tasks, etc., but taking time out for reading should be something we never neglect. If kids see us making time for this activity regularly, they’ll take notice to do so.

Download Books On Your Phone Or Tablet

There are many benefits for reading books on a tablet rather than the traditional way, and one of them is being able to download them instantly instead of going out in search. This means you can get hold of any book that takes your child’s fancy at any time, whether it be during their school break time or when they’re travelling with friends.

Make Reading Fun For Your Kids

There might not always be much fun involved when we read as adults, but kids don’t have this problem! They enjoy making up stories about what could happen next if the current storyline wasn’t quite enough for them, and by encouraging your children to use their imagination while reading, you’ll be giving them a great gift.

parents ecouraging Reading Habits for Kids

Get Your Kids Involved With Careers In Reading

It’s always good to show your kids what opportunities are out there for them and how they can use their interests to find fulfilling careers that suit the skills they have. If you know of any children who work with books or read professionally, then make sure your child knows about it! You never know. They might love this idea just as much as you do. 

Books Are Essential To Everyone

No matter how old we get- because stories from different genres teach us so many empathies, courage, and more. It’s our responsibility to give our young people access and ensure that they read more every day.


Reading is critically essential to the development of children. By following these ten tips, you can encourage reading habits for kids! If you have any other ideas that we didn’t cover or would like more advice about encouraging your child’s learning in general, apply it and see how it works for your child as there is no “one size fits all”!. So are you ready to experiment with some tips to encourage reading habits for kids more at home?

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