DIY Poppy Wreath Using Paper Plates For Kids To Try At Home!
Making of Poppy Wreath using Paper Plates

Making of Poppy Wreath using Paper Plates

diy poppy wreath craft for kids


Parents always try to encourage their kids for some art and craftwork in the form of DIY. Other than the study hours, kids tend to enjoy the craft-making time. Although it turns out a little shaggy, they still feel that they have achieved a lot which in turn helps in making them feel oh so content! Engaging the kids in art and craft is easy and advantageous for both parents and kids. DIY poppy wreath using paper plates for kids offers assistance in their overall development. They will be occupied for a longer time to get it done. The DIY activities are so beneficial for the kids as they utilize all their creativity towards crafting. These activities are meant for the stimulation of their right as well as the left brain.  

Why are DIY activities like poppy wreath using paper plates practical in approach?

DIY poppy wreath with paper plates for kids

DIY activities assist in generating interest in learning. Thus, Sparklebox has come up with an innovative, exciting DIY activity package of DIY poppy wreath using paper plates for kids. It has become a necessity to give some perspective about the activity done by the kid. There has to be some meaning for the activities performed by the kids. They should add value to the learning process of the kids. Most DIY activities are based on the refinement of the motor skills of the children. The activities must be offered age-appropriate. They are directed towards getting things done to have a specified outcome. These DIY poppy wreaths using paper plates for kids give the feeling of joy and pride of accomplishment. 

Making of DIY poppy wreath using paper plates for kids

The wreath can be made without any special occasion like Christmas. It is fun to make with the kids. They can hang it on their favorite wall and enjoy admiring them. The wreath can be the best option among all the different poppy crafts. Making poppy is an exciting thing for the kids. Various actions are involved in the process of DIY poppy wreath using paper plates for kids holding the scissor, making the shape, weaving, sticking, coloring, and painting, etc. This enables the kids to develop their intelligence as well as creativity.

art and craft for kids

Materials required for making DIY poppy wreath using paper plates for kids

1. Paper plate – one big and a few small sized

2. Pencil

3. Eraser

4. Scissor

5. Colors mostly red, yellow, green, blue, and black

6. Painting brush

7. Punching machine

8. Ribbon  

Caution –

This activity should be done under the supervision of the elders.

How to make a DIY poppy wreath using paper plates?

Following steps should be followed to make DIY poppy wreath using paper plates for kids.

1. Draw a circle in the center of a giant paper plate.

2. Cut the circle shape from the center for the outer wreath.

3. Paint it in green color.

4. Punch at the upper corner and tie the ribbon to hang the wreath

5. Now, draw desired shapes such as egg carton, flower, or heart-shape to get a perfect poppy shape on the paper plates.

6. Cut them properly.

7. Paint these cut plates with the color of your choice.

8. Let them dry.

9. Cut the edges of the green paper plate to get the snips and curl them inside out with your fingers.

10. Stick all the flower-shaped paper plates on the green wreath circle.

11. And here is the beautiful DIY poppy wreath using paper plates for kids that are ready to hang.

What are the other DIY ideas that can be made from paper plates?

DIY poppy wreath using paper plates for kids

One ingredient can make several creative crafts. Hence, paper plates can be utilized for building so many poppy craft ideas.

– Poppy bunting

– Birthday banner

– Poppy wall hanging

– Nameplate 

What are the advantages of DIY paper plate crafts for kids?

Paper plate crafts always give the child a different learning perspective. Here are some of the most significant benefits of crafts for kids:

  • DIY activities boost the hand and eye coordination of the kids.
  • DIY activities improve fine motor skills.
  • This DIY poppy wreath using paper plates for kids’ activity enhances the imagination power of the kids.
  • DIY activities make the child more creative.
  • Helps in getting a grip over the pencil.  

What are the skills acquired by the kids from DIY craft activities?

DIY paper plate poppies craft is engaging and exciting for the kids. These crafts inspire the kids to be more inventive hence helps in growing their skillset faster. Consistency in making DIY paper crafts develop the following skills among the kids-

  • Creative skills
  • Thinking ability
  • Critical and analytical skills
  • Problem-solving capacity
  • Confidence building
  • Interaction and communication
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Patience
  • Risk taking ability
  • Learning ability

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