3 fun and interesting paper crafts for kids to do at home!
3 Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids

3 Paper Crafts Ideas for Kids

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Paper Crafts are a Favourite!

Is your child bored? Well, we have a solution for you and your child! Kids of all ages can have a lot of fun with paper! Paper is versatile and easy to work with, so it’s no wonder that there are so many extraordinary crafts you can do with it. When you’re looking for a project to do with your kids, it is best to look for something that will teach them something in the process. While also keeping in mind, the raw material is readily available. Here are some great paper crafts ideas for kids that will be fun to make and teach your child something they can use later.

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3 Best Paper Crafts to Do at Home with Kids

Paper doll origami

Here is a very easy paper crafts and art idea that you can do with your children. First off, this would be an excellent way for them to learn about geometrical shapes and angles. Kids love making doll origami because it is fun and straightforward.

Step 1: Start with a piece of paper and cut it to the size you want your doll. For young kids, keep it small, so they do not get frustrated when folding them.

Step 2: The next step is to fold the corners inwards to form triangles.

Step 3: Fold the right side of the paper towards the left, leaving a little bit sticking up.

Step 4: Fold that little flap over to form a face, and stick on two circles for eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 5: Optional: You can add hair by taking a strip of paper and sticking it to the doll head!

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Paper cup necklace

This is a good paper crafts project for kids. It can be made from any material, but if you are looking for something cheap and readily available, this will work perfectly well with paper cups. You can colour them before you start folding. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Take a square sheet of paper, fold it diagonally in half, and then unfold it.

Step 2: Fold each corner into the centre until you have formed an equilateral triangle (a triangle with three sides that are all equal in length).

Step 3: Next, take one of the corners and fold it into the centre point of another triangle. Continue to do this with the other two corners until you have formed a cone shape. This is now your paper cup necklace.

Step 4: With a pair of scissors, cut small slits in the side of your paper cup necklace for stringing the beads through later.

Paper plate costume

Always wanted your very own paper plate costume but have no time to make it? Well, now you can! All you need is a paper plate and some silver or gold spray paint.

Step 1: First, outline your scissors onto the paper plate, then fill it in with paint. Once dried, cut out your outline.

Step 2: Now, just click, clip and cut!

Step 3: With a pair of scissors and your newly-cut paper scissor, cut out small pieces for the fringe at the bottom.

Step 4: Now it’s time to paint on your string using gold or silver spray paint.

Step 5: Enjoy with your kids!

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Benefits of Doing Creative Paper Crafts with Kids

1. You enjoy the process of doing an activity.

2. You spend time with your kids.

3. Your child will be fully engaged and focused in the activity for at least 15-20 minutes. This can make it easier to get things done around the house like dishes, cooking dinner or just tidying up a bit.

4. It’s FUN!!!

5. Doing paper crafts with your kids helps them develop their fine motor skills by cutting, glueing, snapping, and doing other activities. This will help them be more independent when they get older.

6. It creates a positive memory for your child (and you!) to look back on as they get older.

7. Creates a special bond between you and your child.

8. These activities enhance your child’s creativity and imagination.

9. They are a great way to teach your child moral values like they may make perfect gifts for grandparents, etc., which is always nice!

10. It’s a learning opportunity and helps develop skills like creative writing, math concepts of shape, size, etc.

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As a parent, you know the importance of keeping your kids occupied and entertained. Crafting is always an option to keep them busy for hours on end while developing their creative skills! Here are three paper crafts ideas perfect for toddlers or preschoolers to make together with you at home this summer. These paper crafts are easy enough for young children to participate in but still have plenty of challenges and development opportunities! 

Your little one can enjoy hours of entertainment with this simple DIY papercraft! You will not need any fancy raw materials to make these fun paper crafts. All you need is A4 size papers, superglue and of course, your imagination! We hope these crafting tips will help give parents some new ideas when they’re looking for ways to spend time with their little ones during the long break from school. If anyone needs any more advice about how best to engage children through arts-and-crafts activities, we’re happy to provide guidance!


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