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How To Celebrate National Technology Day With Children?

How To Celebrate National Technology Day With Children?

How to Celebrate National Technology Day with Children?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Why do we celebrate National Technology Day
  3. What can we teach our children on this day?
  4. How can we celebrate National Technology Day with our children?
  5. Conclusion


We now live in a technologically developed world. Technology has advanced our life greatly that it underpins everything from our smartphone to hefty nuclear weapons used in battle. Every field has something to do with technology, from the use of signs and simple drawings to the use of smartphones for communication, and from the delivery of bombs by aircraft to the use of missiles. Therefore, we have National Technology Day to honor and appreciate the inventors’ efforts.

National Technology Day falls on May 11 every year and celebrates the achievements in science and technology. On this day, the President of India awards the scientists, engineers, researchers and all those involved in science and technology who have contributed to outstanding achievements in technology.

National Technology Day

Why Do We Celebrate National Technology Day

The victory of conducting three nuclear tests

The day was first introduced by India’s former Prime Minister, late Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee, in honour of the success of India’s official inclusion in the elite group of countries with nuclear weapons. It became the sixth nation to develop nuclear weapons. This day marks the victory of conducting three nuclear tests on May 11, 1999. On 11 May 1998, India successfully conducted three atomic tests at the Indian Army’s Pokhran Test Range in Rajasthan under operation Shakti, headed by India’s former president and renowned aerospace scientist, late Mr APJ AbdulKalam. 

Two more nuclear tests were conducted on May 13. The Indian Army carried out the mission along with Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), and Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research (AMDER). These tests made India capable of making its thermonuclear weapons and fission bombs.

Hansa-1 – India’s first-ever indigenous aircraft

It was on this day when India’s first-ever indigenous aircraft, Hansa-1, took flight, and the DRDO tested the first surface-to-air Trishul missile, which is a short-range missile with a quick reaction time. All these achievements have the hard work, sweat, blood and emotional turmoil of people working round the clock to get the desired results successfully deserve to get acknowledged and conferred with honour. 

Therefore, the Technology Development Board decided to mark the 11th of May on the calendars. It is a reminder to Indian people about the contribution of Indians in the field of science and technology. A large-scale event gets organized every year where the President of India, the Chief Guest, confers the Indians for their outstanding contribution to science and technology.

The board sets a theme for their event every year, where they present webinars on the chosen theme. This year, “Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for a Sustainable Future” is the theme launched by Union Minister Jitendra Singh. 

Event organized on National Technology Day

The Technology Development Board would then bestow medals for notable achievements of individuals. The prize goes to the year’s best individuals, institutions, and enterprises.

What Can We Teach Our Children On This Day?

It is clear that the children of this age have significantly more technological knowledge than those of our generation. They appear to know far more than their parents, whether it’s how to use smartphones or how to utilize their smart and DIY toys. However, is the ability enough? Shouldn’t kids be aware of how this technology came into existence? Who is the brains behind it, and what other uses could this technology have?

National Technology Day is an excellent opportunity to introduce kids to the real world of technology. Sharing the history of this day and stories of exceptional achievements by our country’s scientists may inspire students to pursue this field in the future.

You can encourage your child to use any simple technology and develop his unique ideas. It could be as easy as hanging a tie-up wire to make your phone hands free! It would offer him a sense of accomplishment and pique his interest in technology.

Girl excited with her innovative idea

How Can We Celebrate National Technology Day With Our Children?

This day could be unforgettable for kids if parents, school authorities, and teachers work together.

  • You can promote technology-related talks and seminars in schools,
  • Organize a small exhibition for students to display their innovations
  • You can also help them recognize the value of technology and National Technology Day.
Children preparing for their illustration

If possible, we can even take our children to attend the event organized by the science and technology department on National Technology Day. The event occurs throughout India to promote awareness about the importance of technology and the monumental achievements of Indians in this field. This could be an excellent opportunity for our children to know and understand the real world of technology. 


Technology plays an integral part in our daily lives; it helps us stay organised, connected, healthy, and safe. Technology increases productivity and provides new insights into how the world operates. People never back out from updating themselves with the latest technology. But, do we ever ponder how it reached us?

Our lives have grown more accessible and less messy since the introduction of technology into our daily lives. All thanks to technology and those who serve as cornerstones for these advancements. However, you will be building another pillar by educating your child about technology and its importance. Encourage him to pursue a career in this industry, and motivate him to improve his skills.

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