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10 Things Kids Can Do to Improve Their Memory

10 Things Kids Can Do to Improve Their Memory

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The Memory You Need to Store

The importance of a good memory cannot be overstated. We use our memories to learn, remember, and communicate with others. As school-aged children become more engaged in academics, it is important that they understand how their cognitive abilities are developing and the ways in which they can improve them. In this blog post, we will talk about 11 ways through which kids can improve their memory!

Through understanding how memory works, children can take advantage of their cognitive abilities and bolster what they know. Memory is an important part of learning. So it’s important that kids understand the different strategies to use in order to remember and retain information.

Top 10 Tips for Children to Improve their Memory

Keep a daily journal of things you learned

This tip is very useful for children to enhance their memory. They need to keep a daily journal of things they learned in order for them to remember it.

Keep an organized study space

This is also a very important tip that children should use so as not to lose any information and be able to recall it at any time, anywhere. An organized space helps students focus better on studies, which in turn helps retain information better.  

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Don’t multitask too much when studying or taking notes

As you will notice this can make kids feel stressed out and worried about forgetting something which might happen if they try to do things simultaneously without focusing on one thing. So instead of trying to multitask while doing their work, they need to focus on what’s most important first – like memorizing vocabulary words before writing their essay!

Focus on one thing at a time

To have improved memory, kids should focus on only one task. If they are reading, then they need to read and not do anything else – like listening to music or texting their friends! This will ensure that when the kid is done with this activity, they will remember it better than before.

Have good sleep habits

This can be very important for children’s health as well because if you don’t get enough restful sleep, your brain cannot function properly which means there is more chance of forgetting things while trying to retain information during studying sessions. So make sure your little ones are getting a sufficient amount of quality sleep each night by going easy on-screen devices before bedtime.

sleeping improves memory

Eat a healthy diet

A healthier body means better brain functioning. As kids grow, they should have plenty of vegetables and fruit to provide them with the vitamins necessary for proper cognitive development. A balanced and healthy diet will definitely improve a kid’s memory.

Be active and play sports

Children are naturally energetic, so they should use that energy to their advantage. By playing sports or going out for a run, children will be able to improve memory function because it requires them to do more than just sit still. Physical activity is one of the best things kids can do in order to increase brain functioning skills like verbal fluency and problem-solving capabilities.

Make a list of the things you want to say before speaking

It’s good for us to have all our thoughts and questions in order before we speak. This way, when someone asks us something or tells us about an event that is coming up soon, we can take notes on what they are telling us or ask any other necessary follow-up question at the time. 

parent and child talking

It also prevents people from interrupting each other unnecessarily because everyone knows their turn will come eventually as long as there is enough space allocated for them to participate fully in group discussions. Interruptions only cause arguments between those who were talking originally which defeats the whole purpose of having conversations with others!

Use mnemonic devices

Use of mnemonic devices as memory aids when studying vocabulary words is very helpful for children. Acronyms is an example of a mnemonic device that can be used for remembering names and terms that are difficult to pronounce without mixed success rates. These types of memory tools are very helpful because they reduce the cognitive load on the brain.

This could include remembering a theorem in a rhyming tune or making a jingle out of an answer to help kids remember well. 

Practice memorizing the things

Studies show that practicing our memory improves it. Kids can practice by memorizing short phrases or sentences, numbers, and items in a list for example. They should then try to recall the information after they have either taken notes about what was said or written down some of the information on paper. 

how to improve memory

Children should also develop strong memories through mind exercises like crossword puzzles which will help them remember different types of vocabulary words, places, and events!


Memory is a powerful tool that can help people to be more productive, enthusiastic, and happy. The brain needs exercise from time to time in order to maintain its capabilities. One of the best ways to keep your memory sharp as you grow older is by using it regularly! We hope you liked our above 10 listed tips to improve memory.To help your child learn fast and productively, try educational toys and kits by MySparklebox!

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