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Tricks to Memorize Multiplication Table

Tricks to Memorize Multiplication Table

memorising multiplication table

It’s Difficult to Memorize Multiplication Table!

You will be surprised to know that learning multiplication tables are one of the most difficult tasks even for students of class 3 to 5. Kids seriously stay away from this and fear a lot when it comes to memorize multiplication table, but there are many math activities for grade 1 that kids from grades 2 and 3 can also engage and overcome their fear of maths easily. If you are wondering how to memorize tables tricks easily, then this article is for you!

Tricks to follow for memorizing multiplication table

9 Tricks to Memorize Multiplication Tables Easily

So, how about we share with you some quick trick to learn tables quickly:

  1. Multiplication Representation – How about using blocks or toys or some other figures to represent multiplication. You can repeat this exercise to understand the multiplication process in a much better way. For instance, you are teaching your child a table of 2, then use blocks, toys, or even leaves to teach him the table of 2. 
  1. Double Wonders – Learning the double multiplication table is complete fun in itself. This is one of the easy table tricks where you can get a complete hold of double tables. Here you need to teach the kid that they need to do the double addition facts. And this way they will get a hold of the 2s table. 
  1. Five Facts – Another easy-peasy way to memorize the multiplication tables, especially when it comes to 5 is showing them through fingers. Teach them the entire table of 5 through your fingers. This will help them to get a hold of the 5 tables and also easy ways to learn how to memorize multiplication tables fast. 
  1. The Zero Magic – Let’s understand the different ways to memorize the multiplication table. How about you ask your kid to write down the complete table till 10. And then ask them to look minutely and then notice a pattern. They will see that when a number is multiplied by 10 then the same number appears at the beginning with a zero at the end. And then gradually, your child will start experimenting the same with other numbers. 

Why not give them a calculator and then let your kid try the same with bigger numbers as well. This is another easy way to learn tables from 1 to 20. We are sure your child is going to be thrilled with the magic way to memorize these multiplication table tricks. 

memorize multiplication table with a chart
  1. The Magic of 11 – Here we are sharing with you another trick to memorize the multiplication tables. Look at an example. How about multiplying number 2 with 11. The resultant number is 2*11 = 22. Let’s try another example. 6*11 = 66. So, what we are observing is that when any number is multiplied by 11 then the resultant number is double the number. 
  1. Odd Wonders – Another solution on how to memorize tables easily is this. This trick might look a little strange, but if you can understand it, it will be really helpful. For Instance, let’s multiply 5* 9 = 45. You begin by subtracting 9 with 1. The result is 8 and then half it. You get the result as 4. Add 5 at the end. Now, finally, the result is 45. 
  1. Even Magic – Another way to memorize multiplication tables is by trying the even magic. And you must remember that this works only for the 5 tables. For instance, 5 *4 = 20, 5 * 6 = 30. Let’s understand this simple trick now. Here when 5 is multiplied by 4, then you need to half the number other than 5. The result should be used as the first digit and then add 0 at the end. The same happens when 5 is multiplied by 6 as well. Half the first digit and you get your resultant first digit and then add 0 at the end. 
  1. The magic to memorize multiplication table tricks – Here you will get a complete hold of tables from 1-9. Begin by explaining to your child that the fingers on both your hands represent numbers from 1-9. For example, left-hand fingers are 1-5, and right-hand fingers are 6-10. Now, let’s understand how to multiply. Multiply 5*7. Ask her to fold the 7 digit finger. The number of fingers you get on the left-hand side is 5 and on the right-hand side is 3. So, the final result of 5*7 = 35. Try this with other numbers as well. 
  1. Multiplication tricks for 4 – This is the doubling trick. The magic of the table of 4 is the doubling game. For instance, 5* 4 = 20. Now, how to do it in a short cut way. Try 5 + 5 = 10 and then 10 + 10 = 20. Let’s look at another example, 4* 6 = 24. 6 + 6 =12 and then try 12 + 12 = 24. 


The above given are some of the best multiplication table tricks. You can try this with your kids. Let us know in the comments down below if you have any other multiplication tricks. We would love to know about the same. 

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