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5 Tricks Including Mathematics Kits To Make Math Enjoyable for Kids

5 Tricks Including Mathematics Kits To Make Math Enjoyable for Kids

Mathematics Kits Tricks for kids

Math is Everywhere!

As a child, Math was the only subject that made me afraid. My fear was so much that I often looked at the syllabus only a few days before exams. But as an adult, my views about this enigmatic subject have changed drastically. How? Some genius came up with the concept of teaching numbers to kids with mathematics kits!

“Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.”

Shakuntala Devi

It’s the same for most of the kids. The fear and anxiety we know as math phobia result from considering the subject mysterious and unknown. The more familiar a kid is with math, the less afraid they will be. The question lies in how to achieve what seems to be an impossible feat? The secret to showing kids the numbers are nothing to worry about lies in alternate math teaching materials. These can be in the form of digital games, competition within the family, or even Mathematics Kits.

5 Tricks to Teach Math to Kids

Let’s take a look at some effective alternatives to learning Math other than books.

Share Your History with Math

Telling your child your own experience with Math as a kid can be a great way to reduce math phobia. If a child fears Math, they will be reassured knowing that the people they look up to felt the same way once upon a time. Moreover, you can accessorize the story into a fairy tale, ending with how you overcame the enemy, aka math. As a parent, the ideal way to encourage your child to try harder in the subject is to show how it is possible to overcome their fear and excel in numbers with enough practice from mathematics kits.

Learn math by sharing your history with math - mathematics kits

Ask Them to Teach Math to You

What is teaching but relearning what you know. A great way to make your child like Math is to ask them to teach you. You can disguise it as a teacher-student game where they have to play the role of the math teacher. Teaching you will force them to recall and revise what they learned before and make the concepts clearer. Who knows, they might end up loving it so much that they want to become a math teacher in the future!

Mathematics Kits

Mathematics Kits are a perfect combination of play and study. What are Math kits? These are learning kits that have curated toys and tools that focus on Math. They are created based on classes, making sure your child doesn’t struggle with unknown concepts. Math Kits for kids contain items like blocks that teach addition and subtraction, tables, dice, charts, clocks, cards, Numicons, and even scales.

The advantage of using Mathematics Kits to teach your kid is the design. Many kids, especially in their younger years, like learning with their hands. Using toys and tools that come in colors of the rainbow, draws their attention like no other. They can feel the tools in their hands, color the pages, and no pressure to complete the syllabus. In fact, these kits can easily trick them into thinking their learning time is playtime instead.

Use Real-Life Situations

If you ask your parents how they taught you math, the chances are that they will refer to using real-life situations. What better way to learn addition and subtraction than using real money or knowing how many candles you need for your cake? The next time your kid comes to you asking what you are doing or if they can help, give them a simple relatable problem. Ask them to calculate simple things like how many eggs will be left if they had one for breakfast or to tell you the time.

Math Games on Phones

Mathematics Kits or mobile apps are great for learning math

Which child doesn’t love playing games on the phone? We all have been the victim of the cutest pairs of puppy eyes once in our life, asking us if our phone has any game in it. Math games in smartphones are a perfect way to leverage kids’ love for the device to make Math fun and enjoyable. Mobile games use various graphics and characters to make calculations look exciting and adventurous. For example, many math games let your kid become a hero who can defeat a dragon only if they solve Math. 

So which one of these methods are you going to use for your kid next time? Have you tried our Mathematics Kits yet? They are well sorted and categorized according to the age and grade of children and are easy to carry even when you’re travelling!

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