Multiply your Child’s Cognitive Development with Math Toys for Kids

Multiply your Child’s Cognitive Development with Math Toys for Kids

Benefits of math toys for kids


A 2 year old playing with big colourful blocks, a 5 year old trying to solve a 54-piece Jungle Book puzzle, an 8 year old learning to bake a cake for mother’s day, and an eleven year old making a project presentation on PowerPoint for the very first time including graphical images – all of these teach mathematical skills to children in one way or the other. While theoretical knowledge is primary, practical application of that knowledge should happen simultaneously through math toys for kids to experience, what is called, holistic learning.

Math Toys for Kids help gain mathematical skills

A child’s higher-order cognitive development begins from the age of two and continues until adolescence. This is the same timeline in which kids gain their mathematical knowledge right from learning to count numbers to solving complex mathematical problems. 

Children learn basic mathematical concepts through various daily activities in life. Be it setting up plates on the table for dinner or marking their height on the wall. All such activities that occur naturally in their surroundings stimulate their mathematical thinking. They learn to count, measure, add and subtract items on a basic level almost everyday without being intentionally taught to do so. Through fun educational math toys and activities, children can take their learning to the next level and develop higher order thinking and reasoning skills in an informal and playful manner. 

Cognitive Milestones Achieved through Math Toys for Kids

Cognitive skills and mathematical skills are closely knitted to one another. To make learning fun and engaging for children, math toys for kids could be their best possible option to achieve cognitive milestones in no time!

Cognitive benefits of learning from math toys for kids

1. Problem Solving Skills from Math Toys for Kids

When problems do not seem like a ‘problem’, they can be solved more creatively within a short period of time. Often seeing a math problem sum, children develop anxiety, presumption, and self-doubt “What if I don’t get it right?” But when the same problem is presented in a more tangible and realistic way with mathematical toys – including a bunch of tools and puzzles, the process of finding the solution for it becomes interesting. It urges them to be more involved in the task, improving their problem solving skills. 

2. Logical Reasoning of Math Toys

Math is backed by logic. Kids who do not consider math as their favourite subject will think otherwise. Not because of their dislike for the subject but for the way it is presented to them. This often hides the logical reasoning behind practicing math for kids. Mathematical toys present the subject using real life examples that need to be solved hands-on by children rather than on a piece of paper. Kids gain logical reasoning skills by adopting a learning-by-doing method. 

3. Critical Thinking from Math Toys for Kids

Practicing math the old way allows little to no space for children to think critically about alternative ways to solve the problem. It becomes more about getting the answer correct. With math toys for kids, children can experiment with different ways to solve such problems paving way for critical thinking to bloom out of their minds and find its way in the application of knowledge acquired by them. 

4. Memory increased through Math

When kids learn by doing, their attention and retention span increases manifold. Hands-on application of the solution to the problems not only makes them understand better but also improves their memory. 

Enhanced memory with math toys for kids

5. Scientific Knowledge through Math

With the help of mathematics educational toys, children observe each and every step of the solutions to the problem sums. This gives them a better idea about the reason behind choosing a particular method of solving the sums. 

6. Conceptual Learning through Math Toys for Kids

Rote-learning concepts in math is a big no. To understand and apply those concepts in real time is what boosts conceptual thinking and learning in children. Math toys for kids are constructed keeping the grade-wise concepts in mind and provide relatable learning and practicing tools for children to brush up their concepts and understanding, lasting a lifetime. 


Math does not have to be boring and monotonous especially when it can be turned into one of the most interesting subjects with math toys for kids. The foundation of mathematical concepts needs to be strong enough for children to practice even the most complex problems seamlessly. Give them a good start to the world of maths with some of the best mathematical toys for kids ranging from nursery to high school levels!

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Multiply your Child’s Cognitive Development with Math Toys for Kids