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10 Hands-on Numeracy Math Activities for Children

10 Hands-on Numeracy Math Activities for Children

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Engaging students at early ages for hands-on learning can hold immense benefits. This can help your children absorb the opportunities to engage themselves with core concepts related to numeracy and comprehend the same. Before reaching kindergarten, a child must be engaged in vital numeracy skills. With our Math Kits you can engage your child in various numerical math activities. This is the best way to practice and learn numbers for 3-4 years old.

This can provide your kids with a basic idea and concept of the numbers and relate that with daily life. Moreover, it will surely help them in their future endeavours when they are faced with complex and advanced numeracy. Continue reading to find out top numeracy ideas that will help your kid to develop basic knowledge and understanding of numbers.

Top 10 Math Activities that Teach Numbers to Kids 

Math activities for children of grade 1 will be completely different from the above mentioned points. In grade 1, children are expected to understand more. This clearly indicates that you need to provide a certain advanced form of ideas to ensure that your child in 1st grade learns numeracy better. Following are some of the numeracy activities for Grade 1:

1.  Number books serve as a great start for preschool kids to understand and enjoy numbers. This is a fun activity that can engage your toddlers in understanding numbers, aligned with practical and fun examples. At the early stages, the focus needs to be primarily on numbers from 1 to 20.

With an enhancement in your child’s understanding, the numbers can be increased. This is one of the basic but useful math activities for children.

2.  Number towers are another fun way to engage your child with the core values of numeracy. This can help them gain practical knowledge of the numbers. The kids can be provided with math activities involving them to stack up blocks proportional to the numbers that are being displayed in the book. This fun activity can help your kids to understand the fundamentals of the numbers by implementing it themselves.

number tower math activities for toddlers


3.  Children can be taught using the basic shapes and figures of mathematics. This can relate with simple triangles, squares and even hexagons and Pentagon. This will provide the basic idea of mathematical shapes while also helping them to understand the numbers and usage of numbers in the practical world. 

They can also be helped using the practical example of all the shapes that they see in books and in their daily life. This helps in shaping the children’s understanding towards the numeracy skills and also the shapes and figures related to mathematics. This is one of the simplest yet effective math activities for children.

a toddler learning to count using an abacus


4.  Math art activities for kindergarten is also one of the useful tactics using which your children will be able to understand numeracy skills. This will also be a fun playtime activity for them thus engaging their entire focus on numeracy skills. Math art can be on numerous useful things but must be related to the mathematics section

This can be done by asking the children to draw several numbers of items, for example, an activity to draw a total of 5 apples and 3 bananas. They can be asked to total the same and that can improve their arithmetic skills as well.

5.  Number hunt games can be organised in class to help students to acquire a better understanding of numbers.

6.  Number grid puzzles are a great way to engage the children of 1st grade in math activities. These are fun to solve and engage your kid by expanding their knowledge related to numeracy. This can also help them in basic arithmetic skills such as subtraction and addition from an early stage.

number grid puzzle math activities for grade 1

7. Visual sums can also serve as a great way to engage your child in basic math activities. This can help them in solving the numeracy issues. For example, the children can be made to subtract the number of bananas from a total pile of fruits. All of these needs to be expressed in the visual form thus helping the students to understand better. These are very basic numerical math activities for children in grade 1.

8. Daily objects can be used to help your children understand the concepts of addition and subtraction better. They can be taught to separate the items and even help them with certain objects with arithmetic shapes and values. For example, wooden sticks can be completed in sets of 20 and children can be asked to separate 5 out of them and then count the remaining ones.

9. Competitions can be organised to help students get competitive and understand numeracy skills better in the process.

10. Numeracy games can be issued to students to help them distinguish between single-digit numbers and double-digit numbers thus assisting your child to acquire better numeracy skills.

numeracy math activities for grade 1



All of these math activities are provided in the Math Kit for Grade 1 by MySparklebox to ensure swift learning for your kids. Choose the best for your kids to know the top numerical skills. This can help them in expanding their knowledge related to the specific area of mathematics thus assisting in shaping their competencies towards numeracy. 


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