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How To Build An Easy Catapult For Kids?

How To Build An Easy Catapult For Kids?

Catapult For Kids


Catapult for kids is a classic craft activity for K12 students. But do you know why the concept of the catapult is so popular among kids? You see, there is a unique attraction in seeing things that fly through the air. The speed and intensity at which they fly in the air are worth watching.

a child playing with catapult for kids

Catapult for kids do a great job launching items at a great distance without any aid from explosives, that too, within a fraction of seconds. Most importantly,  what the learning students grasp from making a catapult goes beyond craft and fun. It is a crucial physics concept that deals with potential and kinetic energies.

Why Catapult For Kids?

Catapults use torsion, tension, and gravity to throw things far and fast. It has always been one of the most acknowledged and effective mechanisms in history. As far as the objects are concerned, beginners can start with marshmallows. It is common with experiments for class 3 students. It is also a safer option for younger kids while playing indoors.

Are you also searching for some cool experiments to do at home with household items? If yes, you can go for a marshmallow catapult for kids at home. Let us explore some creative catapult ideas using a marshmallow as an object. Keep reading on as we outline its basic process and different ideas to make marshmallow catapults for a fun craft activity.

Making Catapult For Kids At Home

Supplies Needed To Build A Catapult For Kids:

Here is a list of supplies you will need to make a marshmallow catapult for kids. You can find all the supplies you need here. 

  1. Seven craft sticks
  2. A milk cap
  3. Marshmallows
  4. Three rubber bands

The Process To Make A Catapult For Kids:

Here is a brief process to make a rubber band catapult for kids.

marshmallows for catapult for kids

  1. Firstly, pile five craft sticks together and tie a rubber band on its ends.
  2. Now take two sticks and stack them together. Wrap one rubber band around both ends.
  3. Meanwhile, separate these two sticks and place five sticks in between.
  4. It’s time to wrap a rubber band on all the craft sticks that will hold the catapult together.
  5. Paste a milk cap at the end of the stick. It will act as a launching platform for your catapult.
  6. Lastly, push the top craft stick down and release it to launch the marshmallow from the milk cap.

Things To Learn From A Catapult

  1. Students may create simple experiments to understand the concept of science behind the catapult. Here are some learning ideas for them:
  2. Launch a marshmallow from the catapult several times and calculate the total distance it travels every time.
  3. You can also launch different types and weights of objects to understand the time and distance it travels as per their weights.
  4. You can also make a comparison of the catapults. Make different types of catapults and launch marshmallows from each one of them.

Benefits Of 5 Minute Crafts For Kids

a child with a catapult

Here are some advantages of making a 5 minute crafts for kids:

  1. The activity is simple and quick to build.
  2. It is a craft for class 1, an ideal DIY science project for all age groups.
  3. Kids can work in teams to make a catapult.
  4. You can incorporate scientific methods by making predictions, building models, recording results, testing, and drawing a conclusion.
  5. You can also incorporate mathematical methods by recording time, distance, and speed.
  6. It is a perfect science craft for kids to teach them the concept of potential and kinetic energy.

Top 5 Minutes Crafts For  Kids

Do you know you can use different things to make a rubber band catapult for kids? Here are some trending ideas for K12 students:

  • Popsicle Stick Catapult – Students can use popsicle sticks to make a sturdy catapult. They will need some plastic spoons, pom poms, popsicle sticks, and rubber bands.
  • Legos Catapult – Do you know that you can use legos to do fun DIY science experiments with a catapult? But make sure you have different sizes of legos for this experiment.
  • Tinker Toy Catapult – It is another exciting and creative way of making a marshmallow catapult for kids. Make sure you assemble them in the right order for a maximum throw.
  • PVC Catapult – Older kids can try making a catapult with various PVC pipes, duct tape, and connectors. Although making a catapult might not be that difficult, it requires some organization. Check out Sparkle Box for more details on it.
  • Pencil Catapult – A fun catapult building activity for younger kids. It is one of the simplest catapults you can make with just pencils and rubber bands.


dad teaching son how to use a catapult

Who thought Physics and STEM could be so much fun? You see, school life is all about exploring the small things around us. And a marshmallow catapult craft can help you explore the concept of time, distance, and speed clubbed with energy.

It is also a great craft idea for the parents who look forward to helping their children understand the curriculums and make their kids creative at home through different activities. So what are you waiting for? Collect the essential supplies and surprise your teachers and friends by making a marshmallow catapult for kids today. Check out Sparkle Box for some more fun craft ideas.

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